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Ultimate Addons For Elementor Free Download | Best Addons For Elementor

Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free

Download Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor Free Download is truly a treasure trove of features that enables web designers to craft websites with unprecedented efficiency and style. With an arsenal of over 40 widgets, 100 website templates, and 200 section blocks, it offers boundless opportunities to create unique and engaging content. Alongside this, the advanced widgets, responsive design controls, WooCommerce integration, and dynamic content features enhance your website’s functionality and aesthetics. Regular updates and support further solidify Ultimate Addons as an invaluable asset for both seasoned professionals and beginners. Elevate your Elementor experience and craft masterpieces that resonate with your vision using Ultimate Addons for Elementor.


Câu hỏi thường gặp về Ultimate Addons For Elementor

  1. File này có miễn phí: Có, mình chia sẻ miễn phí đến các bạn và file đã kích hoạt key sẵn.
  2. Phiên bản này có Key không: Có, key đã được kích hoạt sẵn, chỉ cần cài và xài.
  3. Tôi muốn cập nhật thì làm thế nào: Với file mình chia sẽ này thì sẽ không bật Auto-Update được. Nhưng bạn có thể theo dõi bài viết để tải bản mới nhất về, mình sẽ luôn cập nhật.
  4. Tôi muốn dùng cho 2 website có được không: Hoàn toàn được, chỉ cần cài lên là được.
  5. Tôi muốn kích hoạt license để tự động cập nhật thì như thế nào: Mình nhận kích hoạt bản quyền với giá bằng 2 ly sinh tố thôi. Bạn cần hỗ trợ để kích hoạt trên site thì liên hệ Zalo: 0396 753 543 (Jake Ngọc Nguyễn) nhé.
  6. Có thể hỗ trợ hướng dẫn mình không: thoải mái nhé bạn, có liên hệ FB hoặc Zalo của mình. Mình support cho bạn nhé.
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free


Note : This plugin works with Elementor. Make sure you have Elementor installed.

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the


    directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Navigate to Unlimited Elements in the WordPress side menu and install the widget you want by hovering over it and clicking install.

Các tính năng nổi bật của Ultimate Addons For Elementor

Với hơn 50 Widget thêm vào cho Elementor thì bây giờ chắc bạn sẽ không cảm thấy nhàm chám trong việc dùng Elementor để xây dựng Website nữa.

Các widget của Ultimate Addons for Elementor đều nằm trong thanh tùy chỉnh của Elementor. bạn cũng có thể vào trang chủ của nhà sản xuất để tham khảo thêm các Widget và xem các demo của họ.

Xem tại đây:

Ngoài ra các landing, block, section được dựng sẵn đều chứa trong thư viện template, các mẫu này bao gồm các phiên bản miễn phí và trả phí, Starter templates hoạt động ổn định và tương thích 100% với plugin Ultimate Addons for Elementor và Astra theme. Để import các template bạn cần cài đặt và kích hoạt thêm plugin Starter Template. Cuối cùng bạn chỉ cần chọn mẫu mình thích và import vào site, có thể import nguyên 1 trang hoặc chỉ import từng section riêng đều được.

Xem thêm danh sách các section block và landing page template.

Best Free and Powerful Elementor Addons in 2022
Best Free and Powerful Elementor Addons in 2022

Contributors & Developers

“Unlimited Elements For Elementor (Free Widgets, Addons, Templates)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Unlimited Elements For Elementor (Free Widgets, Addons, Templates)” has been translated into 5 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Unlimited Elements For Elementor (Free Widgets, Addons, Templates)” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Best Addons for Elementor

A library about specific Elementor Widgets relative to add extra functionality or perhaps surrender imitation of thy favored web page builder.

UNIQUE Models Get beautiful next intuitive Elementor Widgets help make the system concerning site constructing a fascicle considerably more exciting yet easy.

Modern WIDGETS Enhance the found Elementor with an ongoing sequence regarding creative yet exclusive widgets around expectation are of help then fun.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND Rapid High coding specifications or modular architecture fulfill it Elementor addons light-weight & fast.

Stage Up Your Design Expertise THE BEST Addons for Elementor comes with an ever-growing library over customized creative widgets in conformity with help you put thine thoughts of action.

  • INFO Field
  • Just before AFTER SLIDER
  • MULTI Switches
  • Articles TOGGLE
  • BUSINESS Several hours
  • Search engines MAP
  • Graphic GALLERY
  • PRICE Checklist
  • PRICE Package
  • Online video
  • Movie GALLERY
  • WOO – Classes
  • WOO – Goods



Imaginative WIDGETS FOR Endless DesignCombinationsYou arrive a large group of innovative Elementor widgets so much assist all thy layout wishes including a number of customizations and combinations in imitation of construct a lovely and intuitive website.

DESIGNER & Programmer FRIENDLY Built including topUX ApproachesThe Ultimate Addons due to Elementor comes like the beneficial UX tactics as causes such one regarding the auspicious Elementor addon built including programmers, creative designers and beginners into brain.

A veritable COMPANION Addon so substantially Blends along ElementorThe Ultimate Addons due to Elementor comes together having an intuitive interface so very much blends properly along Elementor, charity ye a acquainted environment as well as extra widgets after job with.

Best Addons for Elementor | Free Elementor Addons
Best Addons for Elementor | Free Elementor Addons

Một số tính năng nổi bật của Ultimate Addons for Elementor:

  • Over 25 New Widgets: Cung cấp hơn 25 widgets mới, mỗi widget mang đến tính năng độc đáo và tùy chỉnh cao.
  • Compatibility with Any Elementor Package: Hoạt động trên tất cả các phiên bản của Elementor, từ Free đến Pro.
  • Works with Any WordPress Theme: Tương thích với mọi WordPress theme, mang lại sự linh hoạt trong thiết kế.
  • Enhanced Creative Possibilities: Mở rộng khả năng thiết kế, từ cơ bản đến nâng cao.
  • Easy Download and Installation: Sẵn sàng tải về tại với giá $4.99 hoặc miễn phí cho thành viên Club.
  • Quality and Safety Assurance: Files đảm bảo sạch sẽ, không virus, và plugin đã được kích hoạt với đầy đủ tính năng premium.

Let us quickly begin with the installation so that you can proceed to create wonders with Elementor and Ultimate Addons for Elementor!

In order to install the UAEL on your WordPress Website, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login to our store.
  • Go to Account-> Downloads
  • Download the plugin. You’ll get a zip file on your computer.
  • On your WordPress website, install the zip file like you install any other plugin.
  • Activate the plugin.

And you are done 🙂

Please activate the license for automatic updates, support.

Kết luận

Vậy bạn lại có thêm thật đáng để sử dụng đúng không nào. Hãy tải về Ultimate Addons For Elementor miễn phí và có key mới nhất 2022 nha. Mong rằng các bạn sẽ tự tạo được 1 website ưng ý cho riêng mình. Xin chào, và mong các bạn hãy ủng hộ blog mình nhiều hơn nhé.

Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor is a premium version of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin that adds additional widgets and features to the Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress.

Best Plugins and Addons for Elementor with WordPress
Best Plugins and Addons for Elementor with WordPress


Can I use the plugin without Elementor?

No. You cannot use the plugin without Elementor since it’s an addon for Elementor.

Does the plugin work with any theme?

Absolutely! The plugin will work with any theme where Elementor works.

What if I update to the Premium version after using the Free version?

Your existing elements/content will work with the premium version. So you won’t lose your any of your hard work.

Can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with your purchase at anytime just contact us and we will refund 100% of your money no questions asked.

Do you offer a renewals discount?

Yes, you get 25% discount for all annual plan automatic renewals. The renewal price will never be increased so long as the subscription is not cancelled.

How do I install and activate the ‘Unlimited Elements for Elementor’ plugin on WordPress?

To install the ‘Unlimited Elements’ plugin on your WordPress site, access your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New. In the search box, enter ‘Unlimited Elements.’ Locate the plugin in the search results and click on the ‘Install Now’ button. Once the installation is finished, click on the ‘Activate’ button, and ‘Unlimited Elements for Elementor’ will be successfully activated on your WordPress site.

Do I need to know code to use Unlimited Elements?

No, you do not need to know code to leverage the widgets and other tools provided by the Unlimited Elements plugin. It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to enhance your Elementor experience without any coding expertise. However, for users familiar with code, the plugin offers the added advantage of a widget creator, enabling the creation of custom Elementor widgets for a more tailored and advanced design experience.

Is my site secure with Unlimited Elements?

Yes, Unlimited Elements is a secure plugin. The plugin is regularly updated to adhere to common security standards, ensuring a secure environment for your website.

What types of filters does Unlimited Elements provide?

Unlimited Elements offers a variety of filter types, including search filters, dropdowns, tabs filters, checkboxes filters, and WooCommerce-related filters, providing a diverse range of options for dynamic and versatile website filtering.

Are the filters compatible with any post type or WooCommerce products?

Yes, all the filters provided by Unlimited Elements are live Ajax filters, ensuring dynamic and seamless filtering experiences. They are compatible with any post type, including custom post types, and WooCommerce products, offering versatile functionality for a wide range of content on your website. Utilize specific WooCommerce filters to enhance the shopping experience for your customers, such as the price range slider filter and color swatches filter for products with different colors.

Can I use Unlimited Elements to display custom post types in my widgets?

Yes, Unlimited Elements supports showcasing custom post types with advanced query selection and seamless connection to any filter from the UE library. This allows for tailored and dynamic content presentation on your website using the plugin’s versatile features.

What are multi-source widgets in Unlimited Elements?

Multi-source widgets in Unlimited Elements enable the population of item-based widgets with various dynamic source types. These widgets can be populated using sources like ACF repeater fields, WooCommerce products, custom post types, Instagram feeds, and various API integrations. This versatility allows for the seamless integration of diverse content into widgets, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of your website elements.

Should I use Remote Control Widgets or the Sync Widgets function in Unlimited Elements?

The choice depends on your design preferences. If you want complete control, go for Remote Control Widgets. For synchronized layouts, choose Sync Widgets. They can also be used together for even more powerful customization options in Unlimited Elements.

Version 1.36.26


  • Compatibility with latest Elementor and Elementor Pro 3.18 version.
  • Twitter Feed – Added support to Twitter version 2 API.


  • Posts – UI display issue for embedded iframe code in page block excerpts.
  • Video Gallery – Wistia video thumbnails now display correctly.
  • Video – Wistia video thumbnails now display correctly.
Best Addons for Elementor For Free  | 50+ FREE Elementor widgets
Best Addons for Elementor For Free | 50+ FREE Elementor widgets


Elementor users, elevate your web design experience with Unlimited Elements for Elementor. An all in one plugin that instantly gives you the most advanced widgets and tools to make better Elementor websites faster. Take your WordPress website to the next level.

View Elementor Widgets DemosBrowse our extensive collection of free widgets or upgrade to our pro version for access to over 200 additional unique drag and drop widgets for Elementor. Each widget provides a wide range of options to easily control every aspect. If you can’t find what you need, our Widget Creator Framework empowers you to create any widget you can imagine.

Plugin Features

  • Widget Library – Enhance the popular Elementor page builder with our user-friendly and innovative widget library. Simplify your website by finding everything you need in one place, without the need for multiple plugins.

  • Widget Creator – Save valuable time by eliminating the need to search for numerous plugins and add-ons. Instead, create customized, professional widgets that perfectly align with your website requirements.

  • Elementor Templates – Effortlessly kickstart your web project with pre-designed templates. Say goodbye to endless searches for inspiration or starting from scratch. Get your project up and running in seconds with our collection of template kits.

  • Elementor Templates – Effortlessly kickstart your web project with pre-designed templates. Say goodbye to endless searches for inspiration or starting from scratch. Get your project up and running in seconds with our collection of template kits.

  • Loop Builder – Easily create dynamic Loop Items within the Elementor Theme Builder by utilizing any loop widget layout of your preference. Effortlessly populate the chosen widget with dynamic content to craft versatile and engaging Loop Items.

  • Background Widgets – Elevate your web designs instantly with our user-friendly animated backgrounds available in our extensive widget library. Experience seamless integration and unleash your creativity like never before.

  • Post Widgets & Filters – Easily create stunning post layouts with real-time filters. Improve the browsing experience for website visitors by helping them find the content they’re looking for. Effortlessly display posts using advanced criteria on your entire website.

  • WooCommerce Widgets & Filters – Create stunning product layouts with dynamic real-time filters. Showcase your products and categories in a wide array of interactive formats, such as grids, carousels, sliders, and more.

  • Woo Widgets & Filters – Unleash your creativity with advanced and customizable layouts. Take full control of your designs and make them truly unique using the remote controls. Stand out from the crowd with layouts that are both eye-catching and distinctive.

  • Sync Between Widgets – Elevate your web designs to new heights by seamlessly synchronizing multiple item-based widgets. This powerful feature empowers you to effortlessly create intricate and personalized layouts, taking your designs to the next level of sophistication.

  • Multi-Source Galleries – Empower your gallery showcase by effortlessly featuring Woo products, WordPress posts, Instagram feeds, and a variety of other sources, including various API integrations.

  • Live Copy Paste – Copy and paste fully designed sections from the Unlimited Elements website directly to your website, saving you time and ensuring you can finish your web project as soon as possible.

  • Mega Menu Builder – Easily craft a distinctive Mega Menu for your website navigation by incorporating images, icons, links, and various Elementor widgets into unique menu layouts.

  • Mega Slider Builder – Easily turn any Elementor sections into slider slides. Now you can amaze your website visitors with jaw-dropping slider designs that look amazing on any device.

  • Multi-Source Widgets – Add content dynamically to item-based widgets effortlessly with support for ACF repeaters, JSON/CSV files, Woo Products, WordPress posts, users, menus, and a range of API integrations.

  • Dynamic Popup Builder – Dynamically create a popup to add a quick view of the post without leaving the page. Use an Elementor single post template to create the layout of the dynamic popup.

  • Elementor Form Builder – Build advanced forms effortlessly using the drag-and-drop form builder. Whether it’s a simple or complex form, our straightforward form widgets make it quick and easy to create forms, improving your workflow.

  • Calculator Builder – Easily design professional calculators for any type of industry. Whether you need a loan calculator, mortgage calculator or business calculator, our powerful and intuitive drag and drop builder makes it easy to create complex calculators with ease.

  • Elementor Filter Widgets – Unlock the potential of the AJAX-based faceted filter system, seamlessly empowering you to craft diverse layouts with ease. Take control by applying multiple filters, ensuring a super-fast and dynamic filtering experience tailored to your website needs.

Widget Library

Find everything you need in one convenient package and supercharge your Elementor website.

Creative Widgets for Elementor

  1. Flip Box Widget for Elementor (Free) Attract attention from website visitors with the Flip Box widget for Elementor pages. It adds a playful hover effect to your website content, keeping users engaged and increasing interaction.

  2. SVG Animation Widget for Elementor (Free) The SVG animation widget for Elementor simplifies the process of creating stunning SVG animations for your website. You don’t need any coding skills – simply copy and paste your SVG code, and your animated icon is good to go.

  3. Animated Hamburger Icon Widget for Elementor (Free) Enhance your Elementor Pro popups effortlessly by using the animated hamburger icon widget. Take it a step further by incorporating a menu within a popup, creating a captivating full-screen menu experience.

  4. Lordicon: Animated Icons Widget for Elementor (Free) Discover the power of Lordicons, an extensive animated icon library featuring over 1500 free and premium Lottie animations. Effortlessly download icons as Lottie JSON files or simply copy the CDN link. Unleash the potential of your designs with Lordicons!

  5. Timeline Bullets Widget for Elementor (Free) Showcase your features or services using bullet points for easy readability of important information. Customize the settings of the Timeline Bullets widget to achieve your desired appearance and functionality.

  6. Blob Shapes Widget for Elementor (Free) Transform images into captivating and dynamic blob shapes with mesmerizing morphing effects using this incredible Elementor widget. Unleash your creativity with random, distinctive, and natural-looking blobs that will add a touch of uniqueness to your designs.

  7. Number Box Widget for Elementor (Free) Enhance your designs with eye-catching number blocks in various styles. The Number Box widget for Elementor allows you to display content for easy-to-follow diagrams and clear instructions.

  8. Icon Bullets Widget for Elementor (Free) Elevate your feature lists with the Icon Bullets widget. Showcase distinct icons and styles for each item, personalize icon titles and accompanying text. Effortlessly emphasize key features on your Elementor website using the Bullets widget.

  9. Image Zoom Magnifier Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Image Zoom Magnifier is an Elementor widget that creates a direction-aware magnifying glass effect. It offers inner zoom functionality for any image, allowing you to easily enlarge images with a touch, click, or mouseover. Enhance your image viewing experience with this incredible tool!

  10. Icon Box Accordion Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Icon Box Accordion widget creates a visually appealing layout of icon boxes with an interactive accordion effect. When hovered upon, the icon boxes expand and display additional information.

  11. Morph Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Morph Slider allows you to easily create stunning image slideshows for your Elementor website. It utilizes a WebGL-based Image slider effect with advanced transitions such as noise, displacement, blend, and color mix to design one-of-a-kind visuals.

  12. Scroll Image Reveal Widget for Elementor (Pro) Enhance your Elementor website design with the Scroll Image Reveal widget. This impressive feature creates an engaging reveal effect on your images as users scroll to them.

  13. Image Accordion Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Image Accordion widget enables you to present a collection of images in a compact and interactive manner. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to reveal more details or showcase a larger view of each image.

  14. Image Shapes Widget for Elementor (Pro) Enhance your image design effortlessly with the Image Shapes Elementor widget. Easily create captivating images using pre-defined clipping masks, unlocking endless possibilities for your element layouts. Explore a variety of shapes to add a touch of creativity to your designs.

  15. Particle Image Widget for Elementor (Pro) Enhance your images with a captivating dispersion interactive distortion effect using the Particle Image widget for Elementor. Transform any image into a mesmerizing visual experience.

  16. Icon Tabs Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Icon Tab widget for Elementor allows you to effortlessly display your text on your page, neatly organized into horizontal or vertical tabs. With the option to customize your tabs using icons, you can create an interactive and enjoyable reading experience for your website visitors.

  17. Background Switcher Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Background Switcher widget lets you create stylish content boxes. When you hover over a content box, it dynamically changes the background for the entire section. Impress your audience with smooth and seamless background transitions as they interact with your website.

  18. Scroll Sequence Widget for Elementor (Pro) Elevate your website with the Scroll Sequence Widget. Convert collections of images into captivating web experiences. Engage your audience with seamless animations of image sequences, all triggered by scrolling.

  19. Before After Widget for Elementor (Pro) Effortlessly compare changes using the Before After widget. Experience the transformation at a glance, whether it’s photos, designs, or anything else. Elevate your visual storytelling with ease!

  20. Shape Bullets Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Shape Bullets Widget for Elementor simplifies the creation of a well-structured bulleted list. Each item can have its own unique icon, enclosed in visually appealing shapes. This enhances visual appeal and improves organization and readability.

  21. Rhombus Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) Use the Rhombus Grid widget for Elementor to create a unique and creative layout style for your content. Let your creativity shine and engage your audience with a visually striking design that will make a lasting impact.

  22. Flip Box Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) Enhance your Elementor page with the captivating Flip Box Carousel effect. Add a dynamic touch to showcase your content engagingly and interactively. Each item in the carousel acts as a flip box, revealing compelling additional content.

  23. Icon Accordion Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Icon Accordion widget for Elementor page builder offers a wide selection of styles to create interactive collapsible content with different layouts on your page. Each accordion item can be accompanied by an icon for enhanced visual representation.

  24. Christmas Icons Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Christmas Icons widget provides 25 specially designed icons for the festive season. Each icon comes with 3 unique styles, adding a delightful touch to your holiday designs.

Tools for Elementor

  1. Contact Form 7 Widget for Elementor (Free) The Contact Form 7 widget is a valuable tool that makes customizing the appearance of your contact forms in the Elementor page builder easier. With this widget, you can enhance the visual appeal of your contact forms directly from the page builder interface.

  2. Animated Mouse Scroll Icon Widget for Elementor (Free) The Animated Mouse Scroll Icon is a captivating animation that prompts users to explore further content by scrolling down the page.

  3. Notification Widget for Elementor (Free) The Notification widget allows you to easily display an eye-catching alert box and draw attention to important messages on your Elementor website.

  4. Event Box Widget for Elementor (Free) Enhance your website with the Event Box widget. It’s designed to showcase events and special occasions in a stunning display. Present your events in a user-friendly format, complete with a call-to-action button for seamless ticket purchase or event enrollment.

  5. Image Tooltip Widget for Elementor (Free) The Image Tooltip widget provides a simple way to add tooltips to images on a webpage, allowing for additional information or call-to-action text. It also supports linking the image to another page.

  6. 360° Product Viewer Widget for Elementor (Pro) Present your product from all perspectives using the immersive 360° Product Viewer widget for Elementor. This powerful tool allows customers to interact with and examine every intricate detail, giving them a complete understanding of your product.

  7. Currency Converter Widget for Elementor (Pro) Easily convert currencies with our intuitive Currency Converter widget. Stay updated on real-time exchange rates and effortlessly calculate conversions on your website.

  8. Job Listing Widget for Elementor (Pro) Effortlessly post detailed job listings using the Job Listing widget for Elementor. Attract potential candidates and simplify the recruitment process by showcasing a wide range of positions, breaking through geographical barriers, and emphasizing the required qualifications and skills for each role.

  9. Event List Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Event List Widget makes it easy to display upcoming events and special occasions on your Elementor websites. You can populate the widget with dynamic data using posts and connect it to advanced filters and tools for added functionality.

  10. Hotspots Widget for Elementor (Pro) Improve your images with interactive hotspots featuring tooltips and the choice of a built-in popup. Each hotspot popup can include an image and descriptive text, creating an engaging user experience.

  11. 360 Panorama Virtual Tour Widget for Elementor (Pro) Create captivating 360 tours on your Elementor website. Allow visitors to remotely explore your place and stay engaged. With a virtual tour, they can navigate through your location in a 360 panoramic view, getting a realistic feel of its appearance.

  12. QR Code Widget for Elementor (Pro) The QR Code widget for Elementor simplifies the process of creating and integrating QR codes into your WordPress website. Generate QR codes for text, phone numbers, links, or email addresses with ease, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

  13. Layers Widget for Elementor (Pro) Effortlessly layer images, text, shapes, and icons on your Elementor pages with the Image Layers widget, a straightforward solution for precise positioning and design flexibility.

Post Widgets for Elementor

  1. Post Tabs Widget for Elementor (Free) Create engaging tab designs for showcasing your WordPress posts using the Post Tabs widget. Organize your top blog pieces by tags or categories in an interactive layout.

  2. Post Accordion Widget for Elementor (Free) The Post Accordion Widget in WordPress lets you display posts, pages, products, or custom post types in a distinctive and interactive accordion layout. It condenses information, saving space. Visitors can quickly scan titles and expand relevant items to read more, catering to their specific needs and interests.

  3. Post Carousel Lite Widget for Elementor (Free) The Post Carousel Lite widget allows you to choose a collection of posts, pages, products, or any custom post type. You can filter them by category, tags, or author. These selected items are then presented in a visually appealing and interactive carousel format.

  4. Post Blocks Widget for Elementor (Free) The Post Blocks widgets offer a sleek grid layout that beautifully showcases your blog posts in a captivating card design when using Elementor. It allows for advanced filters based on post type, taxonomy, and more.

  5. Post List Widget for Elementor (Free) The Post List widget allows you to display your WordPress posts in an attractive list format with multiple columns. You can enhance your post lists by adding advanced filtering, pagination, a load more button, or even infinite scroll.

  6. Post Ticker Widget for Elementor (Free) The Post News Ticker displays a horizontal news ticker on your website. It supports various content types like posts, pages, and custom post types. Ideal for showcasing news items in an engaging news ticker layout. Keep your visitors informed with the latest breaking news headlines.

  7. Tag Cloud Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Tag Cloud widget enhances the display of your WordPress tags and categories, highlighting the importance of each tag by varying its size. Presenting your taxonomies in unique and captivating ways enhances the visual appeal of your website the navigation easier and more engaging for visitors.

  8. Post Horizontal Timeline Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Horizontal Timeline widget presents your WordPress posts in an engaging horizontal timeline format. This interactive carousel highlights the published date of each post, enabling you to showcase the chronological order of your content in a visually appealing manner.

  9. Author List Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Author List widget allows you to effortlessly showcase a list of post authors and provide links to their respective post archives page.

  10. Post Tile Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Tile widget provides a stylish and unique way to display your posts on your Elementor page. It arranges posts in a grid layout, with attractive text overlays on the featured image. Additionally, a well-designed calendar indicates the publication date of each post, adding to its visual appeal.

  11. Post Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Slider widget enables you to display your posts, pages, products, or custom post types in interactive sliders with beautiful layouts. It helps you grab your readers’ attention by showcasing your blog posts in an appealing slider.

  12. Post Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Grid widget arranges multiple posts in an attractive grid layout. It allows you to easily organize and showcase your posts with filters on your Elementor website.

  13. Post Card Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Card Slider Widget presents an engaging slider layout to highlight your posts. With advanced query options, you have full control to filter your products as desired. This versatile widget is ideal for showcasing your latest, popular, or featured posts.

  14. Post Magazine Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Magazine Grid allows you to create visually captivating magazine layouts. With a metro-style grid format, each post can have its own column and row span. This flexible solution helps you maximize space, emphasize specific posts, and enables easy navigation with filters.

  15. Post Timeline Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Timeline widget provides an eye-catching way to display your blog posts, pages, or custom posts in a timeline format. With customizable filters, you can easily personalize the display and navigate through the content. It’s ideal for presenting events or posts in a clear and organized chronological order.

  16. Post Scroll Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Scroll widget is used for showcasing your latest posts in a sleek vertical slider. Customize the content you want to highlight with advanced options. Engage users with a captivating vertical scroll of recently published posts, creating an immersive and exciting experience.

  17. Taxonomy Terms Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Taxonomy Terms Widget for Elementor allows you to showcase WordPress tags and categories in unique ways. It helps you generate a list of terms from a specific taxonomy, making it easy for visitors to click and navigate to the term archive on your Elementor website.

  18. Post Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Post Carousel widget allows you to easily display posts, pages, products, or custom post types in an attractive and interactive carousel layout. This layout saves space and provides filters for a better user experience.

  19. Masonry Post Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Masonry Post Grid is a great option to display your posts in a visually appealing masonry grid style. The masonry layout gives your website a modern and dynamic look that stands out from traditional grid layouts.

Post Filters & Tools for Elementor

  1. Post Navigation Widget for Elementor (Free) Used in any single post template to dynamically display navigation links to other posts.

  2. Post Pagination Widget for Elementor (Free) The post pagination widget is used in posts archive pages or with a post widget in any Elementor page.

  3. AJAX Search Widget for Elementor (Pro) The fastest AJAX search widget for your WordPress website. Easily add a live search bar to any Elementor website.

  4. Dynamic Post Popup Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add a quick preview popup for Posts or WooCommerce products to quickly access more information in a popup rather than exiting the page.

  5. Tabs Filter Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Tabs Filter is the best post filtering widget for Elementor. You can ad post filters using category and tag taxonomies.

  6. Active Filters Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Active Filters Widget for Elementor is your go-to tool for a seamless and user-friendly filtering experience. With this widget, users can effortlessly track and visualize their applied filters on post widgets, allowing them to make informed selections and reset filters with ease. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to streamlined content navigation, all thanks to this intuitive and visually appealing filter management solution.

  7. Clear Filters Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Clear Filters Widget for Elementor is the ultimate solution for decluttering and simplifying your filtering process. It empowers users to quickly reset all applied filters on post widgets, ensuring a fresh start and a clean slate for their browsing experience. With just one click, users can enjoy the convenience of easily clearing filters and navigating content with renewed clarity and simplicity, making it a must-have tool for efficient content exploration.

  8. Select Dropdown Filter Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Select Dropdown Filter is the best post filtering widget for Elementor. You can add post filters using category and tag taxonomies. Our filtering system allows users to quickly and easily find the products or posts they are looking for by selecting various options from a drop-down list directly on your Elementor website.

  9. Post Query Summary Widget for Elementor (Pro) Show the post query summary when using any of the post widgets in the widget library.

  10. Search Filter Widget for Elementor (Pro) Use the Search Filter widget with any of our post widgets to help users filter the content on your website.

  11. Load More / Infinite Scroll Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add a load more button to your post or product grids. You can even make an infinite scroll effect that works with AJAX.

  12. Sorting Filter Widget for Elementor (Pro) Ease content exploration on your website as users filter and sort with minimal effort.

Form Builder for Elementor

Woo Widgets for Elementor

  1. Woo Product List Widget for Elementor (Free) Showcase your WooCommerce products in an attractive list layout with many customization options. You can choose how many products to show per page, what information to display about each product, and much more.

  2. Woo Mini Cart Widget for Elementor (Pro) The WooCommerce Mini Cart widget for Elementor is a powerful tool that enhances the user experience of online shoppers. This widget seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, allowing you to effortlessly display a compact and interactive shopping cart on your website. Shoppers can easily view the items in their cart, adjust quantities, and proceed to checkout without leaving the current page. With customizable design options and smooth animations, this widget not only streamlines the shopping process but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your online store, making it a must-have for Elementor users looking to optimize their WooCommerce websites.

  3. Woo Product Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) The WooCommerce Product Grid is a powerful widget that allows you to present your products in the most appealing style on your Elementor pages. Showcase your products in multiple layouts and design the with unlimited customization possibilities.

  4. Woo Product Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Woocommerce product carousel helps showcase your Woocommerce products on any Elementor page in an interactive carousel format.

  5. Woo AJAX Search Widget for Elementor (Pro) The fastest AJAX search widget for your WordPress website. Easily add a live search bar to any Elementor website.

  6. Woo Category Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) The WooCommerce Category Grid Widget helps you showcase WooCommerce categories in a responsive grid layout inside of Elementor. Set the grid number of columns in each row and the gap between the grid items to customize your WooCommerce Category Grid. The perfect solution to display your product categories on your Elementor shop page in a stylish grid layout.

Marketing Widgets for Elementor

  1. Call To Action Button Widget for Elementor (Free) Use the call to action button widget on your Elementor website to get visitors moving in the right direction quickly. The widget consists of many design options to make the button blend with your website design. The Call to Action widget is an effective marketing tool for Elementor users. It allows you to add CTAs throughout your website so that you can direct visitors where you want them to go. With this widget, you can create buttons with links such as, phone number, SMS, email, facebook messenger, or WhatsApp, or use just a simple link for redirecting visitors to a special offer or featured product page.

  2. Price List Widget for Elementor (Free) Using the Price List widget create stunning pricing menus on your Elementor website. This widget is great for restaurant menus or even showing your products or services with price tags. The widget displays a list of items, services, or anything else you want and is highly customizable! The Price List widget allows you to create beautiful, professional catalogs and menus that list pricing information. Display prices in the form of beautiful lists with the Price List Widget for Elementor.

  3. List Widget for Elementor (Free) Create styled ordered and unordered lists easily. The ordered list will add index numbers automatically to your list items.

  4. Review Box Widget for Elementor (Free) Simply create and display reviews on your Elementor website to build customers’ trust and increase SEO.

  5. Timer Countdown Widget for Elementor (Free) Instantly create a beautiful, animated countdown clock addon, to share on your Elementor website. Count down to a date with your own unique timer.

  6. Counter Widget for Elementor (Free) Showcasing your business statistics and show fun facts and figures on your Elementor website.

  7. Pricing Table Widget for Elementor (Free) The Pricing Table widget makes it easy to create beautiful, readable pricing tables for your website. With loads of customization options, you can make your pricing tables eye-catching and interactive, boosting conversions on your site. Enhance the layout and appearance of the pricing table with just a few clicks and make it look great on your Elementor website. You can effortlessly customize the header, features, price, badge, button, and even the pricing table’s footer to your liking. Change the currency, price, or symbol, or with ease, and adjust the content of the pricing table to match your website packages.

  8. Pricing Table Flip Box Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Pricing Table Flip Box allows you to showcase the prices for your products, services, or packages in a beautiful flip box pricing table.

  9. Unlimited Google Maps Widget for Elementor (Pro) Display beautiful google maps with multiple markers on your Elementor website in a matter of seconds.

  10. Review Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Reviews Carousel increases the visibility reviews you want to highlight to your users by letting you display them throughout your site in an interactive carousel format.

  11. Copy Coupon Code Widget for Elementor (Pro) Click to copy the coupon code to the clipboard. This widget makes it easy for users to redeem your promotions coupon codes. Giveaways, marketing, and more can all benefit from the Coupon Code Widget that will help you turn more visitors into sales. Create engaging, beautiful, and highly-targeting discount code sections and coupon popups for website and product promotions. Simply input the phrase of your button, the text you want to reveal, and the URL – and our easy-to-use widget will produce a reveal button for you to use on your Elementor website. With this Elementor widget, you can effortlessly convert more visitors into purchasers. Generate more leads, sales, or email subscribers by creating adding the Copy Coupon Code to your website.

  12. Timer Countdown Banner Widget for Elementor (Pro) An awesome countdown banner with a a call to action button.

  13. Icon Mobile Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) A perfect way to add an icon menu for making your CTA buttons stand out for website visitors using mobile devices.

  14. Floating Chat Buttons Widget for Elementor (Pro) Floating action buttons that display the primary actions in your Elementor website. Provide quick access to social icons or any important or common actions to increase conversions.

  15. Product Highlights Widget for Elementor (Pro) Design a visually attractive product feature lists that will help your potential buyers to make purchase decision and learn more about your products.

  16. WhatsApp Chat Widget for Elementor (Pro) A floating WhatsApp button that allows your website visitors to start a chat conversation from your website directly to your WhatsApp phone number with just one click.

  17. Pricing Plans Widget for Elementor (Pro) Use the Pricing Plans widget to display all the information to your potential clients in the clearest and comparable way and help them make a choice.

  18. vCard Widget for Elementor (Pro) The vCard enables you to send contact information in a format that can be easily read in other e-mail programs and phones for users to download contact information quickly and easily.

Loop Builder for Elementor

  1. Loop Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) Effortlessly generate diverse grid layouts from single templates using the Loop Grid Widget for enhanced design flexibility.

  2. Loop Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) Experience seamless carousel creation with the Loop Carousel Widget, effortlessly turning single items into dynamic, visually engaging slides.

  3. Loop Tabs Widget for Elementor (Pro) Effortlessly organize and showcase content with the Loop Tabs Widget, enabling the transformation of individual items into a dynamic and user-friendly tabbed interface.

  4. Loop Accordion Widget for Elementor (Pro) Simplify content display with the Loop Accordion Widget, seamlessly converting individual elements into a collapsible and organized accordion format for enhanced user interaction.

  5. Loop Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) Elevate your content presentation with the Loop Slider Widget. Convert individual items into a seamlessly transitioning slideshow for a visually stunning and user-friendly experience.

Remote Control Widgets for Elementor

  1. Remote Arrows Widget for Elementor (Free) Use the Remote Control Arrows widget to control navigation in interactive widgets such as sliders, carousels, accordions, tabs, and more. Now you have ultimate flexibility over your arrow navigation styles and you can create multiple layouts by editing the settings. Create vertical and horizontal arrow navigation and connect to any widget inside of the Unlimited Elements widget library.

  2. Remote Bullets Widget for Elementor (Free) Change between slides with the help of the Remote Bullets widget. Use the Remote control bullets to control navigation in interactive widgets such as sliders, carousels, accordions, tabs, and more. Enable numbers in your bullets to make the navigation dots have a pagination look and feel. Style the bullets vertically or horizontally to achieve the exact layout you need on your website.

  3. Remote Tabs Widget for Elementor (Pro) Control your content using remote control tabs to create advanced interactive layouts. Break your website content into multiple tabs that can be folded and unfolded to organize the content and make the user’s experience more friendly. Use the Remote Tabs to control other widgets and trigger specific items open. Can connect to a variety of different widgets like accordions, tabs, carousels, and sliders.

  4. Remote Link Widget for Elementor (Pro) Remote Link widget helps navigate to specific items inside of interactive widgets. Create advanced flexible layouts with full design control by creating a link that will help users find the content they want to read faster. Use the Remote Link widget to activate specific items in carousels, sliders, accordions and tabs.

  5. Remote Item Navigation Widget for Elementor (Pro) Remote Item Navigation widget helps to build advanced layouts together with interactive widgets. Create customized navigation buttons for the layout of your widgets to create flexible designed layouts. Use Icons, Images, or Text for the navigation buttons and style them according to your website’s look and feel. Control navigation in interactive widgets such as sliders, carousels, accordions, tabs, and more.

Menu Widgets for Elementor

  1. WordPress Menu Widget for Elementor (Free) The WordPress Menu Widget is a helpful tool that allows you to easily create navigation menus for your Elementor websites. It offers advanced styling options and mobile-friendly behavior, enabling you to create multi-level menus quickly.

  2. Fullscreen Menu Widget for Elementor (Free) Create an awesome Elementor Full-Screen Menu easily using this widget. The easiest way to add a hamburger icon that triggers a fullscreen menu overlay with a close button.

  3. List Menu Widget for Elementor (Free) The List Menu widget is a responsive and free WordPress menu for Elementor. You can easily use the widget to add an awesome menu to your website and improve website navigation. It is easy to customize and configure.

  4. Mega Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) Create a unique Mega Menu on your website by adding images, icons, maps, or any other Elementor widget to your menu. Create any sort of Mega Menu layout directly inside of the Elementor page builder. Use sections as menu items and design with no limits. Use the Mega Menu Inner Links widget to create the layouts for your Mega Menu items easily with maximum design flexibility. We made it easy to design your Mega Menu item dropdowns just drag and drop widgets to your section and connect to a menu item using an ID. The Mega Menu widget is simple to use and doesn’t require any technical expertise. With just a few quick clicks, you can modify the widget to fit your needs using our straightforward settings.

  5. Mega Menu Inner Links Widget for Elementor (Pro) The ultimate widget for adding Inner Links into your Mega Menu. Use the Mega Menu Inner Links widget to create the layouts for your Mega Menu items easily with maximum design flexibility. Each link can have an icon or image, title and description.

  6. Side Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) Off Canvas sidebar with a WordPress menu inside that can include icon links and a search bar. Use the toggle button to open the side menu and the close icon to close it.

  7. Liquid Full Screen Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) A toggle button that animates into a fullscreen menu with a trendy liquid goo effect.

Code Credit:

  1. One Page Scroll Navigation Widget for Elementor (Pro) The best one-page scroll navigation menu solution for Elementor one-page websites. An advanced navigation widget that helps you create a smooth scrolling experience for your, website visitors. Help your website visitors navigate easily & improve the user experience on your Elementor website. The One Page Scroll Navigation widget is super-easy to configure. You can easily add a section ID to each anchor link and set up your one-page website within a few minutes.

  2. Circle Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) The circle menu widget is a circular layout that distributes links evenly around its radius. Create a radial menu design on your Elementor website in just seconds. You can achieve different circle navigation menu variations using the styling options. Display your call-to-action links in a circular format to create a trendy and unique look and feel for your Elementor website. The circle menu can be used for social links, inner links on your website, or even contact links for a user profile.

  3. Accordion Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) This widget is an excellent way of adding an interactive accordion menu to your Elementor website. It works with the WordPress menu system and allows you to create attractive accordion menus with just a couple of clicks.

Content Widgets for Elementor

  1. Content Accordion Widget for Elementor (Free) Display your website content in an interactive accordion widget. Load Elementor templates into your accordion items to create advanced accordion layouts. Each accordion-item can be assigned its own template to create a versatile design. Sync together two or more item-based widgets to create advanced creative layouts that will blow your website visitor’s minds. Create the layouts you have always dreamt of without needing a single line of code. Use remote control widgets to let users navigate between different accordion items. The remote controls will make the user experience on your Elementor website more unique and more friendly.

  2. Simple Popup Widget for Elementor (Free) Simple Popup Widget for Elementor is designed to help you create stunning popups and increase your website’s engagement. Easily create custom popups on the fly right within the Elementor page builder.

  3. Content Tabs Widget for Elementor (Free) The Content Tabs widget allows users to navigate various types of content on your website in an interactive tabs layout. Create a collection of headings in one content area, each connected header in the list can activate a different content area associated with it by click. Use tabs to break your content down into multiple parts that may be collapsed and expanded to make the page more tidy and user-friendly.

  4. Expanding Content Cards Widget for Elementor (Pro) Display multiple content cards in an interactive vertical accordion. Just click on the card and it will automatically expand to show the content inside of it.

  5. Content Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) Content carousel allows you to create an interactive carousel where the content for each slide can be anything you want: images, text, HTML, and even Elementor templates.

  6. Content Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Content Grid widget for Elementor displays your content in a grid layout managed by items or different multi-source types.

  7. Mega Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) Easily turn sections into slider slides from any Elementor page on the fly. You can now amaze your website visitors with jaw-dropping slider designs that look amazing on any device.

  8. Unfold Content Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Unfold Content widget is one of the space-saving widgets that may help you organize the look of your page by hiding long content that doesn’t have to be shown by default.

  9. Content Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) Content slider is the most extensive and user-friendly Elementor widget for building amazing sliders. Create stunning animated sliders inside of your web designs in seconds.

  10. Content Switcher Widget for Elementor (Pro) Allow users to switch between two or more types of content using interactive toggle buttons. You can even load Elementor templates as content to make advanced content switcher layouts. The content switcher is ideal for showcasing pricing tables, and pricing plans on your website. You can switch between different content types like images, and text, or even use Elementor templates for the content.

  11. Unlimited Table Widget for Elementor (Pro) Unlimited Table Widget gives you the easiest way to create table layouts using Elementor. Easily create beautiful tables with sorting and filters.

  12. Toggle Box Widget for Elementor (Pro) Create a content box with a toggle button that can show more information when clicking on it.

  13. Unlimited Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) Create advanced content layouts using an easy-to-use grid system with ultimate flexibility.

Media Widgets for Elementor

  1. Slider Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free) Beautifully Designed, Powerful, and easy to Customize Slider Gallery for Elementor. Add multiple images to your slider gallery and use multiple gallery sources such as posts, products, Instagram images, video items, or an ACF gallery field to populate your Slider Gallery widget. You can present the images in an eye-catching slider with tons of customization and styling options. Draw attention to your photos, videos, and products in a beautiful image or video slider gallery. Choose your slide transition speed and transition style. Connect the Slider Gallery to Remote Control Widgets to create advanced layouts with unlimited possibilities.

  2. Tile Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free) This widget is an effective tool for adding a tile grid image gallery slider to your website. The gallery lets you navigate using bullets or arrows and opens the images or videos in a light-box.

  3. Compact Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free) This widget is an effective tool for adding a Minimalistic Image and Video Gallery to your Elementor website.

  4. Random Image Widget for Elementor (Free) Create a sequence of images to display a random image on your webpage each time the page is loaded. The widget shows a randomly picked image from a list of images defined by items. Each specific image can be linked using the link field. Each image can have a title showing before or after the image.

  5. Grid Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro) This widget is an effective tool for adding a grid panel image and video gallery to your Elementor website.

  6. Masonry Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add an amazing masonry image and video grid with a pretty lightbox effect on your Elementor Pages.

  7. Carousel Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro) This widget is an effective tool for adding a responsive carousel image and video media carousel to your website.

  8. Thumbnail Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Thumbnails Gallery Widget allows you to add multiple images to your image gallery with sleek thumbnail navigation. You can present any amount of images in an eye-catching slider gallery with a thumbnail panel. Create several types of thumbnail galleries such as a Video thumbnail gallery, WordPress posts thumbnail gallery, WooCommerce products thumbnail gallery, Instagram thumbnail gallery, or just a simple Image thumbnail gallery.

  9. Audio Playlist Widget for Elementor (Pro) Create MP3 Audio Playlists inside of Elementor. Use this widget to add the ability to create unlimited numbers of playlists, albums, and audio tracks.

  10. Audio Player Widget for Elementor (Pro) MP3 Music Player is a very easy to use Audio Player for Elementor. It gives you the ability to add unlimited audio tracks to any page using our Elementor addon let users listen to music on your website.

Carousel Widgets for Elementor

  1. Card Carousel Widget for Elementor (Free) Use the card carousel widget to display two or more pieces of content in a carousel format. Create any kind of carousel you can think about.

  2. Unlimited Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Image Card Carousel allows you to quickly add beautiful images in an interactive carousel layout with a title, text, and button on each card. You can style every element to make your carousel more appealing and add dot or arrow navigation to control the carousel. This widget is the best solution to create an advanced-looking carousel inside of your Elementor website.

  3. Coverflow Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) Coverflow carousel is a special kind of widget, that shows slides next to each other with a 3D effect and a reflection. This widget supports 4 different styles: Coverflow, Flat, Wheel, and Carousel.

  4. Justified Image Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) Show images with different width dimensions all in the same height in an interactive carousel with arrow and dot navigation. Present your photos in all their glory, without cropping them, and create a beautiful justified image carousel on your Elementor Website. Connect the Justified Image Carousel to Remote Control Widgets and create advanced layouts with unlimited possibilities.

Infographic Widgets for Elementor

  1. Unlimited Timeline Widget for Elementor (Free) Showcase your story or company history in a vertical timeline layout using the powerful Unlimited Timeline addon for Elementor.

  2. Interactive Circle Infographic Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Circle Infographic widget for Elementor is a simple and engaging way to present data, processes, concepts, structures and more. Helps your audience understand an entire cycle using a circular interactive tab layout.

  3. Unlimited Charts Widget for Elementor (Pro) The easy way to include animated, interactive graphs and charts on your Elementor website. 6 Chart styles included: Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Radar Chart and Polar Area Chart.

  4. Funnel & Pyramid Widget for Elementor (Pro) Funnel & Pyramid charts are in the shape of a triangle. These charts are best used when your data is organized in some kind of hierarchical way and the levels indicate some kind of progressive order.

  5. Step Process Widget for Elementor (Pro) Showcase process/steps with unique layout variations. Create visual diagrams of step by step instructions to simplify processes to your website visitors.

Testimonials for Elementor

Team Members for Elementor

  1. Team Member Card Widget for Elementor (Free) The team member card widget allows you to showcase your staff, employees, or any type of people in a card format on your Elementor website. Spotlight your team with the Team Member Card Widget for Elementor. Gain the client’s trust by establishing a personal connection with each and every team member. Showcase information like the team member’s image, position, title, and social links to make users engage with the team members on your Elementor website.

  2. Team Member Box Widget for Elementor (Free) The Team Member Box widget allows you to showcase your staff, employees, or any type of people on your Elementor website easily & fast. The Team Member Box Widget for Elementor is the best way to show off your team members. This widget will make sure that your team looks their best. The Team Member Widget allows you to add your team members’ images, positions, and descriptions so that their role in the company is clear. By displaying your team members’ social media profile links on your website it is easy for visitors to connect with them.

  3. Team Member Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) Team Member Carousel lets you arrange multiple Team Member profiles in an interactive carousel layout with dot and arrow navigation. Each Team Member profile is saved as a separate card containing the team member Name, Position, Description, Image, and Social Media accounts. The Team Member Carousel widget for Elementor allows you to create stunning team member sections. Get complete control over formatting and design for each component so that your team looks its best. Showcase your staff, employees or any type of people in an interactive carousel format.

  4. Team Member Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro) Team Member Grid is a widget that allows you to create the most customizable team showcase. Team Member Grid allows you to show your team quickly and easily with numerous customization possibilities. Team Member Grid for Elementor makes it quick and easy to add your team member profiles to your webpage. You can edit team member information and social links with just a few clicks. Showcase your staff, employees, or any type of people in a grid layout on your Elementor website.

Content Boxes for Elementor

  1. Image Zoom Content Box Widget for Elementor (Free) Use the widget to draw attention to vital facts in a professional yet fun way. It will allow your audience to learn about your products, features, services, or events in one spot.

Instagram Widgets for Elementor

  1. Instagram Feed Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Instagram Feed widget is the best solution for showcasing images from your Instagram profile on your Elementor website. It’s a flexible and simple solution for amazing-looking Instagram layouts.

Logo Widgets for Elementor

  1. Logo Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) The logo carousel widget helps you showcase multiple logos in a responsive carousel layout with arrow and dot navigation. Create a logo carousel to showcase your client or partner logos on your Elementor website. The Logo Carousel makes your brand or sponsor logos shine. You can pick your desired carousel settings, add logos as items, and style up each feature to make a great first impression on your website visitors and potential customers.

  2. Logo Marquee Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Logo Marquee widget will help you display multiple logos of your clients or sponsors in an interactive marquee layout style. This widget is perfect for displaying images that automatically scroll vertically or horizontally on your Elementor website. Easily add or remove logos from your logo marquee. Each logo can have a custom link depending on your use case. Add the pause on hover function to make the scrolling stop when users hover over the carousel marquee.

Hover Effects for Elementor

  1. Rollover Image Effect Widget for Elementor (Free) Create a visual effect when one picture replaces the other when the user hovers over it with the pointer. Swap an image when a user hovers over the widget with his mouse cursor. When users hover over the image, they will see the visual effect of one picture replacing another on your Elementor website. The Rollover Image Effect widget can be used to swap out images when a user hovers over the widget with his mouse cursor.

  2. Creative Button Hovers Widget for Elementor (Free) Quickly add awesome buttons with creative hover effects in your Elementor pages. There is no limit to your creativity with our button hover effects widget.

  3. Image Scroll Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add a long screenshot that will scroll when you hover over it.

Button Widgets for Elementor

  1. Button Group Widget for Elementor (Free) The most efficient way to create advanced multiple button layouts. Create advanced button layouts with an unlimited amount of buttons. Add trendy action buttons in your Elementor sections and give each button different styles. Add hover animations to make your buttons stand out. Create social links using icons and directing to your social media accounts. Use SVG icons to create customized looking buttons on your website.

  2. Multi Line Button Widget for Elementor (Free) A button with more than one line of text and an optional icon.

  3. Scroll To Top Widget for Elementor (Free) Scroll to Top buttons allows visitors to go back to the top of your website with a single click. This improves web navigation and gives your current site design a more professional appearance.

  4. Neon Glowing Button Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro) This widget creates an awesome neon glow effect for your call-to-action buttons in Elementor. The marketing tool that can easily increase your audience interactions.

Typography for Elementor

  1. Text Marquee Effect Widget for Elementor (Free) The Text Marquee widget is a scrolling piece of text displayed horizontally across your Elementor webpage.

Icon Boxes for Elementor

Block Quotes for Elementor

Social Network Icons for Elementor

  1. Social Icons With Circle Fill Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Separators and Dividers for Elementor

Hero Widgets for Elementor

Background Widgets for Elementor

  1. Animated Gradient Background Widget for Elementor (Free) The Animated Gradient Background for Elementor allows you to design beautiful gradient backgrounds for your sections. Create unique effects by changing the gradient angle and applying a variety of color choices! This animate background effect can be used in your hero section or any other section on your Elementor website to your liking.

  2. Snow Flakes Background Widget for Elementor (Free) Add an animated falling snow effect to your website using the Snow Background widget. Adding a snow effect to your website can boost holiday sales and brand morale. Create a magnificent snowfall effect on your website using snow animation. Use the Snow Background widget to add impressive visual effects to your Elementor website and make your sections more appealing to your website visitors. Customize the speed of the snowflakes and opacity to match your website’s look and feel.

  3. Masks & Patterns Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) Create a huge variety of new visual effects by combining masks and patterns with background images, videos, gradients, and slideshows. The Mask and Pattern Background widget is simple to use and doesn’t require any technical expertise. You can modify the widget to fit your needs using our straightforward settings. Each of the masks and patterns can be combined with other background elements like gradients, slideshow images, and, video to create countless unique combinations in just a few clicks.

  4. Stars Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add stunning Stars background effects to your Elementor pages in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make your section’s background pop in just a few clicks. The Stars Background widget is customizable with many options to create amazing interactive backgrounds that suits your Elementor page design the best. Customize the star movement, speed and direction.

  5. Particles Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add stunning particles background effects to your Elementor pages in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make your section’s background pop in a few clicks.

  6. Confetti Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add animated confetti falling in the background of your hero section or any other section on your website. The confetti background widget can be user for sections containing coupons, promotions, registration forms, email redirections, or maybe even order completions. This special background will spice up any section with an awesome festive look and feel. The confetti background widget is also great for any sale like black Friday sale, Christmas sale or any other seasonal sale you may promote on your Elementor website.

  7. Smoke Background Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro) The smoke Background Effect Widget for Elementor is a smoke animation effect that helps you bring life to your website. It provides an eye-catching liquid animation effect that draws attention and adds a unique touch to your site. WebGL-Fluid-Simulation.

  8. Snow Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) Add stunning Snow background effects to your Elementor pages in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make your section’s background pop in a few clicks. The Snow Background widget is customizable with many options to create a amazing snow background that suits your Elementor page the best. Create an amazing interactive Snow Background effect on your Elementor website.

  9. Fireworks Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Fireworks background widget will help you create stunning sections with awesome styles on your Elementor website. Use the advanced customization options to edit the widget: Firework Color Range, Firework Emitter Range, Delay Between Fireworks, Firework Explosion Size, Trace Length, Firework Speed, Firework Sound, and the Brightness Range.

  10. Background Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) Multi source background slideshow for any Elementor section. Transition slides with multiple entrance and exit animations.

  11. Random Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) Set a random background image or color on every page load. Display random background images on your Elementor sections background from a chain of images you have added beforehand.

  12. Parallax Background Widget for Elementor (Pro) The Parallax Background widget for Elementor adds captivating depth and motion to your web design. With a simple and intuitive interface, it allows you to create stunning parallax scrolling effects effortlessly, enhancing the visual appeal and interactivity of your website.

  13. Morph Background Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro) Use advanced transitions like noise transition, displacement transition, blend transition, and color mix transition to create unique background designs on your Elementor website. Morphing Background Effects Slider with advanced awesome transitions. WebGL-based background image slider widget to create beautiful webpages, landing pages, and image slideshows for your Elementor sections.


Unlimited Elements empowers you to connect with popular integrations, streamlining your website building process. Use the tools you love by effortlessly incorporating data directly into Elementor widgets.

  • ACF
  • Toolset
  • PODS
  • Woo
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Reviews
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • ExchangeRate API
  • OpenWeather API



Advanced Widgets

With Ultimate Addons, you get access to an impressive collection of widgets that extend beyond the core offerings of Elementor. From stylish headings, dual color headings, and advanced posts, to timelines, these widgets ensure that your pages stand out.

Section Particles

Break away from traditional design elements by incorporating stunning particles in your sections. This feature allows you to add eye-catching particle effects that bring dynamism to your page layouts.

Content Toggle

Ensure a clutter-free design by implementing a content toggle feature. This feature allows you to switch between two different content types or pages, keeping your layout neat and engaging.

Multi-Layered Parallax

Bring depth to your web designs with the multi-layered parallax feature. You can add multiple layers of images, text, or elements that move at different speeds, creating a captivating 3D effect.

Responsive Design Controls

Your website needs to be just as impressive on mobile devices as on desktops. Ultimate Addons gives you granular control over how your site looks and functions across different screen sizes.

White Label Branding

Ultimate Addons allows you to replace the Ultimate Addons branding with your own, making it perfect for professionals who want to offer a more personalized experience to their clients.

WooCommerce Integration

Enhance your eCommerce website by integrating Ultimate Addons with WooCommerce. Showcase your products through stunning layouts, add-to-cart buttons, and more.

Dynamic Content

Generate content dynamically based on custom fields, allowing you to create more personalized and interactive experiences for your users.

Template Library

Save time with access to an extensive library of pre-designed templates. Customize them to your liking and get your site up and running in no time.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Rest assured that your site will function seamlessly across all major browsers as Ultimate Addons for Elementor is designed to be fully compatible with them.

40+ Widgets & Extensions

Ultimate Addons for Elementor boasts a continually expanding assortment of over 40 unique widgets and extensions. These tools empower you with incredible design capabilities that transcend conventional constraints. Each widget is crafted meticulously, allowing you to effortlessly integrate and customize them according to your vision.

100+ Website Templates

Fuel your creativity with access to a repertoire of over 100 highly customizable and visually striking website templates. These templates are designed by professionals and can be the cornerstone of efficient and inspired web development. They can significantly expedite your workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters – unleashing your creativity.

200+ Section Blocks

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of the pre-built section blocks provided by Ultimate Addons for Elementor. With over 200 of these sections available, you can easily drag, drop, and customize to give your pages a distinctive design in just a few clicks. These section blocks range from headers, call to actions, testimonials, and much more, ensuring that you have a versatile set of tools at your disposal.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor Plugin Review
Ultimate Addons for Elementor Plugin Review

The Complete Elementor Toolkit for New Design Possibilities

50+ Widgets & Extensions

A growing library of unique Elementor widgets that takes your design abilities to a whole new level!

100+ Website Templates

Highly customizable and visually stunning website templates that will speed up your workflow.

200+ Section Blocks

The pre-built section blocks are simply dragged, dropped, and customized, giving your page a unique design in a few clicks.

Supercharge Elementor

Stand Out With Impactful Design

Build a website that stands out from the crowd! Ultimate Addons is a growing library of genuinely creative and unique Elementor widgets that open a whole new range of design possibilities for you. Whether you’re a design professional or a newcomer, you’ll speed up your workflow and achieve exceptional designs with complete ease.

Templates for Every Niche

Pre-built Websites to Save Your Time

Take Designs Across Domains

Copy Elementor Designs From One Domain to Another

If you are a web designer, then this is a huge time saver. Save yourself from repetitive work by simply reusing the designs from one website to another. With the Cross-site Copy Paste feature, you can simply copy and paste sections, pages, and widgets from one domain to another.

Built for Performance

Keep Your Website Light by Loading Only What Is Needed

Fastest Growing Widgets and Template Library, Great Support and Helpful Community

Regular Updates

Frequent updates give you access to new widgets, features, improvements, and fixes assuring a reliable and useful platform.

We Care

It’s not just the product, but dedicated support that will give you an even better experience with website designing.

Highly Optimized & Lightweight

Built with high coding standards and modular architecture, the Ultimate Addons is sure to keep your websites light and fast.

White-Label Option

You can white-label the Ultimate Addons and rebrand it as your own to take complete credits for the website you’ve worked on.

Pixel Perfect Designs

Well-crafted pages, sections, and website templates make it easier to import and tweak websites rather than build them from scratch.

Seamless Blend

The optimized and well-thought set of widgets make the Ultimate Addons blend perfectly with the Elementor page builder.

Download Essential Addons PRO For Elementor For Free
Download Essential Addons PRO For Elementor For Free

Core Features of Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor WordPress Plugin

  • Additional widgets: Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor includes a wide range of additional widgets that can be used to create sliders, carousels, team members, pricing tables, and more. These widgets are designed to be easy to use and fully customizable, allowing you to create professional-looking content with minimal effort.
  • Custom post types and taxonomies: With Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor, you can create custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress to organize your content in a way that makes sense for your website. This can be particularly useful for creating custom content types such as portfolios, testimonials, or FAQs.
  • Custom templates: Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor includes a variety of custom templates that you can use to create single posts, pages, and custom post types. These templates are fully customizable and can be used to create professional-looking content with minimal effort.
  • Custom form styles: Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor includes a range of custom form styles that you can use with the Elementor Form widget. This allows you to create professional-looking forms with minimal effort and without having to write any code.
  • Integration with popular WordPress plugins: Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor includes integration with popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and WPForms. This allows you to easily add these features to your website and create a more functional and professional-looking site.

Overall, Ultimate Addons Pro for Elementor is designed to make it easier for users of the Elementor plugin to create professional-looking websites with a wide range of customization options. It is available for purchase on the Ultimate Addons website.


version 1.5.95: 2024-02-12:

  • Feature: Ensure that the blog displayed on the “Home” page of the plugin is always up-to-date.
  • Feature: Implemented support for tags in the widget catalog.
  • Feature: Added an option for galleries to play videos in muted mode.
  • Feature: Integrated weather forecast data preparation for the widget.
  • Fix: Addressed some minor potential security risks associated with the import templates functionality.
  • Fix: Rectified email validation for Form Email2.
  • Fix: Resolved some issues with the price range filter.
  • Fix: fixed the problem where dynamic template styles disappeared after updating Elementor Pro.

Widgets Updates:

  • Feature: Image Zoom Content Box (Free) – Implemented ‘Title Tag’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify the HTML tag for titles within the widget, providing flexibility and control over the semantic structure of the content.
  • Feature: Post Accordion (Free) – Implemented ‘Disable Link in Image’ option. This new functionality allows users to disable the link associated with an image, providing more control over the interactive behavior of images within the widget.
  • Feature: Slider Gallery (Free) – Implemented ‘Mute Video’ option. This new functionality allows to play videos muted by default. Volume can be adjusted in video players on live page.
  • Feature: Unlimited Charts (Pro) – Implemented ‘Item Bar Width’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the width of individual bars, providing greater control over the visual representation of items.
  • Feature: Remote Item Navigation (Pro) – Introduced ‘Border Override Color’ options for Regular and Active states. This new functionality allows users to customize border colors separately for both Regular and Active states, enhancing visual styling in the widget.
  • Feature: Post Grid (Pro) – Implemented ‘Title Min Height’ option. This new functionality allows users to set a minimum height for the title, offering more control over the visual presentation and consistency in the widget.
  • Feature: Checkbox Field (Pro) – Introduced ‘Show Link’ option. This new functionality enables users to show or hide links and customize their styling within the widget, offering more control over the interactive elements.
  • Feature: Counter (Free) – Implemented ‘Add Link To Widget Container’ option. This new functionality allows users to include a link, enhancing the interactive capabilities of the element by enabling navigation to another page or resource.
  • Feature: Icon Box Accordion (Pro) – Introduced ‘Icon + Text’ option for Graphic Element. This new value expands customization by allowing users to display both an icon and text within the Graphic Element for richer visual representation.
  • Feature: Before After (Pro) – Added support for the widget inside Elementor’s Tabs widget. This enhancement ensures seamless integration and compatibility, allowing users to utilize the widget effectively within Elementor’s Tabs.
  • Feature: Justified Image Carousel (Pro) – Implemented ‘Hide Inactive Arrow’ option. This new functionality allows users to hide inactive arrows, providing a cleaner and more focused appearance in the widget interface.
  • Feature: Layers (Pro) – Added shadow for icon type layers.
  • Feature: Icon Pointer Button (Pro) – Introduced ‘Direction’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify the direction for RTL (Right-to-Left) or LTR (Left-to-Right) websites, ensuring proper layout alignment based on language direction.
  • Feature: Loop Carousel (Pro) – Implemented ‘Auto Height’ option. This new functionality adjusts the height of the slider dynamically based on the height of the current slide, providing a more adaptive and seamless user experience.
  • Feature: Justified Image Carousel (Pro) – Option to fix the broken layout (resulting in a duplicate carousel) caused by delayed image loading, this solution verifies that the images are loaded before initializing the carousel.
  • Feature: Remote Tabs (Pro) – Introduced styling options for Border Radius, Border, and Shadow for the image of the active tab.
  • Feature: Layers (Pro) – Added background color, padding and radius for text fields.
  • Feature: WhatsApp Chat (Pro) – z-index option for Popup, allowing users to customize the stacking order of the Popup for better control over its visibility in relation to other elements.
  • Feature: WhatsApp Chat (Pro) – Introduced option to customize the Popup Title, along with styling options for enhanced visual control and personalization.
  • Feature: Swipe Carousel (Pro) – Introduced ‘Additional Title’ options. This new functionality expands customization by providing additional settings for titles, allowing users to further enhance the visual presentation of titles within the widget.
  • Feature: Content Grid (Pro) – Introduced ‘Image Scale’ option. This new functionality allows users to scale the images, providing enhanced control over the visual presentation within the widget.
  • Feature: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Implemented feature – automatically opens menu item if it matches the current page URL.
  • Feature: Post Grid (Pro) – Added Option to show post tags, providing users with the ability to showcase tags associated with each post.
  • Feature: Post Magazine Grid (Pro) – Introduced ‘Image Scale’ and ‘CSS Filters’ options along with the hover transition duration for enhanced image customization.
  • Feature: Card Carousel (Free) – Implemented ‘Image Position’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the position of image within the widget, providing enhanced control over the visual layout.
  • Feature: Layers (Pro) – Added mouse parallax effect, adds a captivating and interactive dimension to the user interface.
  • Feature: Swipe Carousel (Pro) – Introduced additional styling options. This new set of functionalities allows users to further customize and refine the visual appearance of the widget, providing enhanced styling possibilities.
  • Feature: Mega Menu (Pro) – Implemented ‘Close Transition Speed’ option. This new functionality enables users to set the speed of close animations for the dropdown, enhancing visual transitions and customization.
  • Feature: Unlimited Carousel (Pro) – Added ‘Image Position’ option, allowing users to customize the position of the image above or below the content for enhanced layout flexibility.
  • Feature: Layers (Pro) – Implemented motion effects—now elements can bounce up and down and move left to right for a livelier interface.
  • Feature: Unlimited Google Maps (Pro) – Implemented ‘Center Info Window’ option. This new functionality allows users to center the info window on the map, providing enhanced visibility and focus on the selected location.
  • Feature: Unlimited Google Maps (Pro) – Implemented ‘Close After Outside Info Window Click’ option. This new functionality allows users to close the info window after clicking outside of it on the map, enhancing user interaction and control.
  • Feature: Layers (Pro) – Implemented responsive settings for individual layers, allowing users to toggle each layer on or off based on the specific device requirements.
  • Feature: Image Accordion (Pro) – Added ‘Title HTML Tag’ option, providing users with better SEO control by allowing customization of HTML tags for widget titles.
  • Feature: Content Tabs (Free) – Introduced option to fire a resize event on tab click, ensuring proper functionality of other widgets inside tab content for a smoother and more seamless user experience.
  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Implemented ‘Remove Expired Event Item’ option. This new functionality allows users to automatically remove event items that have expired, streamlining content management within the widget.
  • Feature: Post Grid (Pro) – Added typography option for post tags, allowing users to customize the font style, size, and other typographic attributes.
  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Implemented ‘Horizontal Align’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the horizontal alignment of the button, providing enhanced control over the layout within the widget.
  • Feature: vCard (Pro) – Introduced option to include social media links in downloadable VCF contact file, enhancing contact information with additional social network profiles for improved connectivity.
  • Change: Toggle Text Button (Free) – Upgraded textarea to full functionality editor, providing users with enhanced editing capabilities.
  • Change: vCard (Pro) – Updated vCard JavaScript library to the latest version, ensuring compatibility with current standards and latest feature availability.
  • Fix: Woo Product List (Free) – Introduced ‘Layout Type’ option. This new functionality allows users to set the layout as either column or row, providing flexibility in organizing and displaying content within the widget.
  • Fix: vCard (Pro) – Resolved issue where QR code was not scanning on some apps.
  • Fix: Hotspots (Pro) – Rebuilt JavaScript code for better interaction. Removed unnecessary code to optimize performance and streamline functionality.
  • Fix: Sideways Vertical Text (Pro) – Text layout shifting issue on Safari browser.
  • Fix: Content Tabs (Free) – Resolved issue with scrolling to the top of the page after tab click. The fix ensures that tab clicks no longer trigger unintended scrolling to the top, providing a smoother user experience.
  • Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Resolved issue with the vertical scrollbar appearing on hover.
  • Fix: Testimonial Carousel (Pro) – The issue where styling attributes (size and color) for SVG icons were not taking effect.
  • Fix: Content Tabs (Free) – Resolved issue in Content Tabs when Before After widget couldn’t function inside tabs. The fix ensures proper functionality, allowing users to utilize the widget as intended.
  • Fix: Woo Product Grid (Pro) – Added image HTML attributes to product images.
  • Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Resolved issue where the size of social icons wasn’t responding to the option value. The fix ensures that the specified option value now accurately reflects the size of social icons.
  • Fix: Counter (Free) – Removed unnecessary space in ‘Before Text’ and ‘After Text’ options. This update improves the clarity and presentation of the text by eliminating unnecessary spacing.
  • Fix: Content Tabs (Free) – Added support for Elementor Tabs widget. This enhancement ensures seamless integration and compatibility, allowing users to incorporate the widget effortlessly within Elementor Tabs.
  • Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Resolved an issue where incorrect icons were being displayed after selecting a menu item.
  • Fix: Woo Mini Cart (Pro) – Improved widget compatibility with optimization plugins like WP Rocket. This update ensures seamless integration, optimizing performance and enhancing the overall user experience when using these plugins.
  • Fix: Post Accordion (Free) – Updated post content loading method to resolve the issue where, on some sites, post content was not displaying correctly.
  • Fix: Dropdown Field (Pro) – Fixed an issue when Dropdown Field couldn’t parse Field Name to Number Field widget.
  • Fix: Card Carousel (Free) – Resolved issue where Transition Speed wasn’t working for non-default animations. The fix ensures that Transition Speed now functions correctly for all animations, providing consistent and reliable behavior.
  • Fix: Unlimited Google Maps (Pro) – Removed default 2px border with blue color from one of the map elements. This update improves the visual presentation by eliminating an unnecessary border.

version 1.5.94: 2024-01-25:

  • Feature: added option to message individual fields for the form
  • Change: removed instagram blocked api message – the instagram functionality is active now!
  • Change: added default values to currency fields
  • Fix: fixed small php bug regarding date field in items
  • Fix: fixed some small xss vulnurability that pachstack discovered

  • Feature: Number Field (Pro) – Introduced ‘Enable Date Field in Formula’ option. This new functionality enables the use of Date Field in formula by allowing the addition or subtraction of days.

  • Feature: Unlimited Charts (Pro) – Introduced ‘Remove Items with 0 Value’ option. This new functionality automatically excludes items with a value of 0 from charts.
  • Feature: WordPress Menu (Free) – Implemented ‘Hover Effect’ option. This new functionality allows users to choose from a variety of hover link effects, enhancing the visual presentation with dynamic animations.
  • Feature: Hotspots (Pro) – Introduced customizable popup positioning, providing users with the option to define the exact position rather than relying on preset center alignment.
  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Introduced ‘Event End Date’ option, allowing users to display event end date and time.
  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Implemented ‘Calendar Horizontal Align’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the horizontal alignment of the calendar, providing better control over its placement within the layout.
  • Feature: Product Carousel (Pro) – Introduced functionality to hide navigation arrows automatically when the number of products is less than a specified value.
  • Feature: Dropdown Field (Pro) – Introduced ‘Multisource’ option. This functionality allows users to select the source of checkbox values as posts, products, etc., providing versatile options for integrating diverse content.
  • Feature: Checkbox Field (Pro) – Introduced ‘Multisource’ option. This functionality allows users to select the source of checkbox values as posts, products, etc., providing versatile options for integrating diverse content.
  • Feature: Checkbox Field (Pro) – Implemented ‘Checkbox Value Handling’ options. This new functionality allows users to choose the checkbox value type from options such as sum, individual number, or individual text, providing flexibility in handling checkbox values.
  • Feature: Masonry Gallery (Pro) – Introduced ‘Title Typography’ and ‘Description Typography’ options. These new functionalities allow users to customize the typography settings for titles and descriptions.
  • Feature: Masonry Gallery (Pro) – Implemented ‘Tile Background Color’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the background color of tiles, providing enhanced visual control over the widget’s appearance.
  • Feature: Hotspots (Pro) – Added ‘Popup Image Size’ option, allowing users to customize the size of popup images.
  • Feature: WooCommerce Product Carousel (Pro) – Introduced functionality to hide navigation arrows automatically when the number of products is less than a specified value.
  • Feature: Logo Carousel (Pro) – Implemented ‘Open Links In New Tab’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify whether links should open in a new tab with Source type posts, products, etc.
  • Feature: Content Ticker (Pro) – Added Option to add an Image for each ticker item.
  • Change: Hotspots (Pro) – Enabled ‘Image Size Select’ option for the Image, allowing users to choose from different image resolutions for enhanced flexibility and visual customization.
  • Change: Icon Carousel (Pro) – Improved ‘Item Minimum Height’ option by expanding the range of values.
  • Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Improved protection from Elementor sticky section interference.
  • Fix: vCard (Pro) – Issue with QR code not displaying when ‘Include Image in Contact’ is enabled has been resolved.
  • Fix: Dropdown Field (Pro) – Resolved issue with ‘Field Name’ not appearing during email sending. The fix ensures that the field name is now properly displayed in email notifications.
  • Fix: Mega Menu (Pro) – Resolved horizontal scroll issue. The fix ensures that the layout no longer experiences unintended horizontal scrolling, providing a more stable and user-friendly experience.
  • Fix: Scroll To Top (Free) – Resolved issue where the icon wasn’t visible on the frontend. The fix ensures proper visibility of the icon, addressing the bug and improving the overall appearance.
  • Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Resolved issue with the ‘Disable Page Scroll’ option not working in some cases. The fix ensures consistent functionality, preventing page scrolling as intended.
  • Fix: Text Field (Free) – Resolved input width issue. The fix ensures that input elements now display with the correct width.

version 1.5.93: 2024-01-18:

  • Feature: Introduced the option ‘slider_video_autoplay’ to galleries, enabling video autoplay when changing items.
  • Feature: Added the option to include specific taxonomies in related posts queries.
  • Feature: Implemented automatic recognition of video thumbnail IDs in certain gallery types based on relevant post meta.
  • Feature: Added functionality for the price range filter.
  • Change: Updated the Freemius version.
  • Change: Modified the text format for the export change log.
  • Change: Restored the “import with images” feature after incorporating file type checks for security.
  • Fix: Enhanced the handling of multiple user records for the ‘exclude users’ option in the users query (Ajax-based).
  • Fix: Corrected URL CSS and JS inclusion issues in Elementor editor.
  • Fix: Corrected a bug related to “mini cart widget” in PHP in specific cases.

  • Feature – Card Carousel (Free) – Introduced ‘Hide Item’ option. This new functionality allows users to hide items instead of deleting them permanently, offering a more reversible and flexible approach to item management.

  • Feature – Post Grid (Pro) – Implemented ‘Layout Type: Above’ option. This new functionality allows users to change the position of the content box to above the image.
  • Feature – Thumbnail Gallery (Pro) – Introduced ‘Video Autoplay’ option. This new functionality enables automatic playback of videos each time they become active, enhancing the user experience with seamless video transitions.
  • Feature – Compact Gallery (Free) – Introduced ‘Video Autoplay’ option. This new functionality enables automatic playback of videos each time they become active, enhancing the user experience with seamless video transitions.
  • Feature – Grid Gallery (Pro) – Introduced ‘Video Autoplay’ option. This new functionality enables automatic playback of videos each time they become active, enhancing the user experience with seamless video transitions.
  • Feature – Slider Gallery (Free) – Introduced ‘Video Autoplay’ option. This new functionality enables automatic playback of videos each time they become active, enhancing the user experience with seamless video transitions.
  • Feature – Flip Box Carousel (Pro) – Introduced option for back icon alignment, providing users the flexibility to customize the alignment of the back icon.
  • Feature – Post List (Free) – Implemented ‘Image Scale’ option for regular and hover states. This new feature allows users to customize the scaling of images independently for regular and hover states, enhancing visual presentation.
  • Change – Flip Box Carousel (Pro) – Implemented conditional rendering of CSS to reduce unused styles, resulting in improved performance, SEO, and faster load times for enhanced user experience.
  • Change – Content Accordion (Free) – Improved ‘Expand All Accordion’ functionality, now allowing users to close the accordion by clicking the same button again for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Fix – WooCommerce Product Grid (Pro) – Implemented protection against buttons not being vertically aligned in specific cases.
  • Fix – Flip Box Carousel (Pro) – Resolved an issue where links were not functioning properly when clicking on the back icon.
  • Fix – WooCommerce Product Grid (Pro) – Resolved issue with the product button not being clickable in some cases.
  • Fix – Post Carousel (Pro) – Resolved issue with the side-by-side layout.
  • Feature – Logo Grid (Free) – Enhanced responsiveness for item ‘Padding’ option. This update ensures that item padding adjusts effectively across various screen sizes and device resolutions for a consistent layout.
  • Feature – Logo Grid (Free) – Implemented ‘Direction’ option. This new feature is particularly useful for RTL (Right-to-Left) websites, allowing users to specify the direction of the widget’s layout for improved compatibility.
  • Feature – Content Accordion (Free) – Introduced a new feature that allows the expansion of all accordion items by clicking on an external element with the class “ue-content-accordion-expand-all”.
  • Feature – Memory Game (Pro) – Introduced template option for success message, Allowing users to show Elementor template as success message.
  • Feature – Memory Game (Pro) – Added ‘Completion Time’ option, enabling users to show the time it took to complete the game for a more informative and engaging experience.
  • Feature – Content Accordion (Free) – Introduced ‘Additional Header Content’ option in the accordion, allowing users to include additional content after the header title.
  • Feature – Post Accordion (Free) – Implemented ‘Open Links in New Tab’ option. This new functionality allows users to configure links to open in a new tab, enhancing control over the navigation experience.
  • Feature – Side Menu (Pro) – Added an option to add a logo to the side menu layout.

version 1.5.92: 2024-01-04:

  • Feature: Introduced the change log option in the widget editor.
  • Feature: Introduced the ability to connect with Google API for multi-source options.
  • Feature: Included an option to link with Google Sheets under the general settings for forms.
  • Feature: Integrated a “show globals” feature in troubleshooting for enhanced diagnostics.
  • Feature: Implemented the capability to output cart fragments for the woo mini cart.
  • Feature: Provided an option for “none” under lightbox-type in galleries, allowing users to disable the lightbox.
  • Feature: Added an “excerpt” field to post fields within the widget editor for more detailed posts.
  • Fix: Replaced site_url() with home_url() in global variables for better website navigation.
  • Fix: Resolved a conflict with another select2 on the admin side, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Fix: Rectified an error with multiple order by clauses in post queries to improve data sorting.
  • Fix: Enhanced the manual selection of Elementor template retrieval for optimized performance.

  • Feature – Content Carousel – Introduced ‘Equalize Content Height’ option. This new feature simplifies the process of making content elements equal in each item.

  • Feature – Flip Box Carousel – Enhanced responsiveness for Border Radius option. The update ensures that the Border Radius adapts effectively to different screen sizes and device resolutions for a consistent display.
  • Feature – WooCommerce Product Carousel – Resolved broken layout issue occurring when set to side-by-side layout
  • Feature – Phone Field – Feature – Introduced ‘Placeholder’ option, allowing users to set placeholder text for improved user experience and clearer input guidance.
  • Feature – Textarea Field – Feature – Introduced ‘Placeholder’ option, allowing users to set placeholder text for improved user experience and clearer input guidance.
  • Feature – Email Field – Feature – Introduced ‘Placeholder’ option, allowing users to set placeholder text for improved user experience and clearer input guidance.
  • Feature – Text Field – Feature – Introduced ‘Placeholder’ option, allowing users to set placeholder text for improved user experience and clearer input guidance.
  • Feature – Testimonial Carousel – Implemented ‘Layout Type: Grid’ option. This new functionality facilitates the transformation of the widget’s layout into a simple grid.
  • Feature – Testimonial Carousel – Introduced ‘Layout Type: Swipe’ option. This new feature allows users to set the behavior of the widget, resembling the functionality found in Swipe Carousel widget.
  • Feature – Flip Box Carousel – Introduced ‘Disable Mouse Drag’ and ‘Disable Touch Drag’ options in Flip Box Carousel settings, offering control over user interaction by allowing the disabling of dragging functionalities.
  • Feature – Team Member Grid – Introduced ‘Badge’ option, allowing users to include custom badge images or icons for enhanced member representation.
  • Feature – Thumbnail Slider – Implemented responsiveness for ‘Slider Main Image Height’ option.
  • Feature – Thumbnail Slider – Optimized ‘Slider Main Image Height’ functionality to prevent widget reloading upon value change.
  • Change – Thumbnail Slider – Changed attribute of ‘Slider Main Image Height’ option from Number to Slider. This adjustment simplifies the process of adjusting the height of the main image by providing a more intuitive control.
  • Fix – Submit Button – Improved interaction within Multi Step Form widget. Enhancements have been made to streamline and optimize the submit action.
  • Feature – Multi Step Form – Implemented form submission loader. This new addition introduces a visual loader to illustrate the process of sending form data, enhancing user feedback during form submission.
  • Feature – WooCommerce Product List – Introduced ‘Default Image’ option. The widget will now display the specified default image when a product image is empty, for a more personalized user experience.

version 1.5.91: 2023-12-28:

  • Change: removed some vulnerability related to templates import

version 1.5.90: 2023-12-18:

  • Fix: fixed some small bug with pro version main file

version 1.5.89: 2023-12-17:

  • Fix: fixed some post filters detection issues on the page
  • Fix: fixed some “$type not found” message in php
  • Fix: fixed some “infinite template found: ” message in php (emtpy template load protection)
  • Change: added instagram api access error message
  • Change: removed “import with images” functionality. replaced by doubly plugin.

version 1.5.88: 2023-12-11:

  • Feature: added “iframe” gallery type to the gallery items
  • Fix: fixed the “show/hide edit html button” option from general settings
  • Fix: fixed the general_settings.xml php error
  • Fix: fixed some issue with gallery loading on pages and current meta keys
  • Fix: fixed default value in datetime control
  • Change: added some improvements for the form
  • Change: set video placeholder to dynamic galleries in case of video item

version 1.5.87: 2023-11-21:

  • Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.6.0 version
  • Change: added some protection against double background widgets output
  • Feature: enabled form functionality
  • Feature: enabled currency exchange functionality

version 1.5.85: 2023-11-15

  • Feature: added woo_addcart_ajax_attributes_button in twig for the button
  • Feature: added option to show original settings values in widget debug
  • Feature: added troubleshooting setting not to show php deprecated warnings
  • Fix: better prepare post custom fields for the post multisource
  • Fix: links from meta field works now
  • Fix: fixed the ob_end_clean bug
  • Fix: in post query – excluded posts not in from posts in
  • Fix: fixed a small bug in the unite gallery library
  • Change: updated twig version to 3.x
  • Change: updated instagram data with date released field

version 1.5.85: 2023-09-20

  • Fix: fixed a small bug with multisource image param message

version 1.5.84: 2023-09-20

  • Feature: added twig function csv to json
  • Feature: changed the admin view to new design (added designed header and menu)
  • Feature: added option to enable animation on swipe to owl carousel js
  • Feature: added woo mini cart functionality
  • Feature: added option: “current query as a base” to post selection -> include by

  • Fix: added support for webp in the manager

  • Fix: allow fetching images from media library post type for the galleries

version 1.5.83: 2023-08-22

  • Fix: don’t show first item in filter when no terms available
  • Change: updated calculators javascript code base

version 1.5.82: 2023-08-16

  • Feature: added option for group filtering widgets
  • Feature: solved the video play in gallery type from attachment video
  • Change: turned off the video icon for background attribute
  • Fix: fixed dynamic template with avoid duplicates
  • Fix: fixed gallery widget acf video item error
  • Fix: fixed some sort filter bugs with the default selected

version 1.5.81: 2023-08-10

  • Fix: fixed some missing css in the dynamic loop widgets
  • Fix: fixed some child filters related bug
  • Fix: fixed order by price in current query
  • Fix: fixed some php 8.16+ version notices
  • Feature: added option to print the term meta

version 1.5.80: 2023-08-07

  • Feature: added option to get “all taxonomy terms” from a post
  • Feature: added html preperations for the woocommerce minicart
  • Feature: added “this week” to the date selection query
  • Feature: added “grouping” mode in the “related posts”
  • Fix: the pagination now works on top of the grid
  • Fix: fixed some init ajax filters multiple issues
  • Fix: fixed the error with the assets path set

version 1.5.79: 2023-07-24

  • Fix: changed name for area-label to aria-label
  • Fix: in filters – refresh single filter if “all” selected and there are hidden items
  • Fix: changed protection against inifnite loop to 200
  • Fix: show child filters at start if there are selected items
  • Fix: date time attribute processor – if no date given – don’t take current time
  • Fix: refresh child filter if main filter selected on init
  • Fix: dynamic popup was not worked with multisource in some cases

version 1.5.78: 2023-07-16

  • Fix: fixed show filters load more
  • Fix: fixed multisource repeater empty

version 1.5.77: 2023-07-13

  • Fix: fixed dropzone collision in widget editor view
  • Fix: fixed sort filter price filtering
  • Fix: fixed max number in addons db table. from “int” to “bigint”
  • Fix: replaced some deprecated by elementor codes

version 1.5.76: 2023-07-12

  • Feature: added “rem” unit in slider attribute
  • Fix: fixed some small bug with remote sync debug
  • Fix: fixed the truncate in multisource
  • Fix: fixed some small bugs related to remote controls
  • Fix: fixed dropzon third party conflict in manager

version 1.5.75: 2023-07-05

  • Feature: added some suggestion text to add some memory in the troubleshooting section in case that needed
  • Fix: the wrong author was displayed in loop post meta data
  • Fix: do_shortcode to html items inside the grid and dynamic loop
  • Update: Updated Freemius SDK to the latest version

version 1.5.74: 2023-07-04

  • Fix: show search widgets at plugin install.
  • Fix: menu picker depts in multisource
  • Fix: set the author data to be retrievable in dynamic grid template
  • Fix: show meta fields switcher didn’t worked in multisource menu items

version 1.5.73: 2023-06-26

  • Feature: added options for revisions in widget editor
  • Fix: added support for wordpress proxy in api calling
  • Fix: fixed empty post in query result
  • Fix: fixed “wrong template ID” elementor error in post accordion

version 1.5.72: 2023-06-21

  • Fix: added the swf extension in the allowed files in assets
  • Feature: prepared the plugin for sort filter
  • Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.5.9

version 1.5.71: 2023-06-20

  • Change: removed js includes of the forms and filters from backend editor
  • Change: changed colors of the free version notification in dark mode
  • Fix: fix the “link” type in wpml integration automatic translation
  • Feature: add support for the conditions in ue forms

version 1.5.70 2023-06-19:

  • Change: added some “birthday sale” banner
  • Feature: added “truncate text” modifier to multisource fields
  • Feature: dynamic tags now works inside posts and products related widgets
  • Feature: added twig highlighting in codemirror editor
  • Fix: fixed sequence animation sliders bug (fields didn’t loaded in elementor)
  • Fix: change the comment from // to /* */ in filters js output to allow proper page compression.
  • Fix: the “time ago” string is now translatable
  • Fix: fixed the wpml elementor template id output
  • Fix: fixed backgrounds bug with containers in editor
  • Fix: fixed some small bugs with the checkbox filter

version 1.5.69: 2023-06-08:

  • Fix: allow to install webp images in widgets

version 1.5.68: 2023-06-06:

  • Change: added functionality for sort filter
  • Feature: added field: “form conditions” for the upcoming form
  • Feature: added link translation to wpml integration
  • Feature: added link_attributes field to post list fields in twig
  • Fix: fixed slider control min max values in case of multiple units
  • Fix: add do shortcode from ajax items response
  • Fix: fixed posts grid output with “product” taxonomy without woocommerce
  • Fix: fixed getting cross sell products query in product list

version 1.5.67 – 2023-05-29:

  • Fix: fixed some more securaty issues related to assets manager

version 1.5.66 – 2023-05-28:

  • Fix: fixed some securaty issues related to non editor users operations and not allowed to upload php files in assets manager

version 1.5.65 – 2023-05-26:

  • Fix: fixed instagram api related bugs

version 1.5.64 2023-05-23:

  • Change: update freemius to latest version 2.5.8
  • Fix: fixed a small php bug

version 1.5.63 2023-05-23:

  • Change: expand in widget editor is now connected to the screen height
  • Fix: fixed the dynamic popup with multiple fields code
  • Fix: fixed some sync if the clicked item is link
  • Feature: added support for sort post filter
  • Feature: hide “show only insalled” checkbox in widgets manager if no widget installed.

version 1.5.62 2023-05-14:

  • Feature: added “edit template” link in template selector
  • Feature: added hidden template edit button to top bar
  • Feature: added option for dynamic popup link to connect to many links in the widget
  • Fix: solved some php error with parse dynamic settings in php 8.1
  • Fix: getMetaValue error in products
  • Fix: fixed doubly css includes in some cases

version 1.5.61 – 2023-05-07:

  • Feature: added support for woocommerce jet wishlist
  • Feature: did option to disable third party hooks in ajax
  • Fix: click on link on sync didn’t worked
  • Fix: added some protections to nonce and to file manager zip exctract (securaty issues fix)
  • Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.5.7 version.

version 1.5.60 – 2023-04-30:

  • Feature: added functionality to get cart number of products
  • Fix: fixed link field settings for multisoure
  • Fix: fixed some bugs with regular price in woocommerce widgets
  • Fix: filters js file loaded in editor as well
  • Fix: fixed some small php bug regarding “pathBase”
  • Fix: fixed conditions in multiple select control
  • Change: updated unite gallery version
  • Change: disabled autoload in update_option for the catalog variable

version 1.5.59: 2023-04-09

  • Feature: added multiple select to condition attributes in widget editor
  • Change: updated freemius sdk to the latest version
  • Fix: fixed empty post meta fields in case that acf plugin is on
  • Fix: fixed some bug with avoid duplicates option and filters in single grid
  • Fix: made some corrections in case that post query show wrong init selected terms values
  • Fix: the post carousel goes to random item after ajax refresh
  • Fix: fixed jet engine custom fields integration

version 1.5.58: 2023-03-26

  • Feature: added dynamic popup functionality to multisource widgets
  • Fix: fixed missing arguments in the_post action
  • Fix: fixed some php multisource error
  • Fix: fixed some product ajax search related issues
  • Fix: fixed some small but with ajax refresh and sync

version 1.5.57: 2023-03-20

  • Feature: improved the multisource selectors
  • Feature: added option to get image from post meta in post fields – widget editor
  • Fix: added “skins” folder to unite gallery
  • Fix: added more compatability to woo commerce grids with discounts plugins
  • Fix: fixed same uc_id in dynamic templates

version 1.5.56: 2023-03-13:

  • Feature: added option authors by dynamic field in post query
  • Feature: done some integration with flycart discounts
  • Feature: added option to show post type and post type title in posts fields
  • Feature: added option to add multiple values in multisource
  • Fix: fixed get posts by terms meta field – add taxonomy
  • Fix: fixed responsive css in dynamic loop
  • Fix: fixed dynamic loop with jet engine acf fields
  • Fix: fixed slider control units for vh, vx and %
  • Fix: added “before today” for past year in date qury
  • Change: the uc_id will not change now when page refresh

version 1.5.55: 2023-02-23:

  • Fix: fixed wpml integrate fields
  • Fix: fixed some write file error, will not crash if happend
  • Fix: fixed entrance animation js on popup
  • Fix: fixed strip tags in intro from content
  • Fix: fixed some php 8.1 issues
  • Fix: fixed some post intro with html tags issues
  • Change: do_action function is working now in free version

version 1.5.54: 2023-02-15

  • Change: added some define variable that indicate the under ajax search
  • Change: added “collect”, and “output” to schema types in content accordion widget for example
  • Feature: added wpml auto translate integration
  • Feature: added option to select “all taxonomies” in exclude terms in terms selection
  • Feature: added option – only direct children to terms select include by
  • Feature: added option to post select to get posts by terms from curent meta field
  • Fix: preserve tags when truncate
  • Fix: fixed load more with second meta add in post query

version 1.5.53: 2023-02-07

  • Fix: keep exclude terms in grid when filtering with “override terms” mode
  • Fix: fixed get_terms() not found php error from 1.5.52 version

version 1.5.52: 2023-02-06

  • Change: done some protection agains infinite loops in templates
  • Fix: fixed popup button type conditions
  • Fix: fixed term meta fields in multisource
  • Fix: fixed exclude term not found in post select

version 1.5.51: 2023-01-31

  • Feature: added version to js comment output
  • Feature: connected the galleies to remote play / stop like the carousels
  • Feature: added some error message when image size attribute is missing in multisource
  • Feature: added dynamic popup special attribute type
  • Fix: fixed title source and description source in multisource gallery for products.
  • Fix: added supress filtres to ajax search query

version 1.5.50: 2023-01-24

  • Feature: added “media” to post types select in advanced post query
  • Feature: improved the date time attribute

version 1.5.49: 2023-01-23

  • Fix: fixed some js optimization issues
  • Fix: fixed filters related small js bug

version 1.5.48: 2023-01-19

  • Feature: added gallery to multisource
  • Feature: added post type override selectin current post query options
  • Fix: fixed remote play with carousel
  • Fix: fixed some multisource and ajax related bugs
  • Fix: fixed popular posts plugin integration multiple post types
  • Fix: fixed background widgets some problematic attribute names
  • Fix: fixed include terms by current post terms in some cases.
  • Fix: fixed default url_assets value in multisoure
  • Fix: fixed dark mode svg icons

version 1.5.47: 2023-01-10

  • Feature: added more units to slider attribute
  • Feature: added “any” post type to post types select
  • Feature: added include and exclude current post terms in terms selection
  • Feature: added option to carousel – scroll to head – force
  • Feature: allow import widgets with theme activate
  • Fix: fixed dynamic template render css for dynamic popup
  • Fix: fixed users list select by manual

version 1.5.46: 2023-01-08

  • Feature: set the items image size chooser work for certain image
  • Feature: made option to put js script in saparate tags with id’s for optimization plugins like wprocket
  • Feature: enriched the uc_lang variable. now it’s always showing the current language
  • Feature: added user_login variable to the users list output
  • Feature: has put the preview link always as a help link in widget edit panel.
  • Change: updated the multisource that it works better with items images
  • Change: allow html tags in post intro (excerpt) in widgets
  • Fix: fixed filters with sync multiple grid issues
  • Fix: fixed the exclude users list with similar names

version 1.5.45: 2022-12-26

  • Feature: added json decode filter to twig
  • Feature: added catalog images from shortpixel for speed loading
  • Feature: done multisource group setting
  • Fix: fixed entrance animation on ajax refresh
  • Fix: done sync pause / play between carousels

version 1.5.44: 2022-12-19

  • Change: updated freemius to the latest version
  • Fix: fixed remote play / pause button
  • Fix: fixed search filter unicode phrase
  • Fix: fixed entrance animation appear on scroll
  • Feature: added video gallery responsive options
  • Fix: fixed some owl carousel size on init bug
  • Fix: fixed js widgets under the dynamic grid template like flipbox

version 1.5.43: 2022-12-04

  • Feature: add settings output to dynamic grid fields debug
  • Fix: fixed pods multiple image data
  • Fix: fixed url terms in filter with dynamic grid
  • Fix: fixed users and menu not found bug in front
  • Change: updated twig engine to the latest version

version 1.5.42: 2022-11-29

  • Feature: added functionality for time ago in posts widgets
  • Feature: added woo variables to woo fields – woo_price_withtax, woo_price_notax
  • Feature: added option for term child filter role-optimization: reduced number of queries in post related widgets

version 1.5.41: 2022-11-24

-bug fix: fixed post select in post query

version 1.5.40: 2022-11-23

  • Feature: added integration to woocommerce multicourancy plugins
  • Feature: made some integration with translate press plugin
  • Feature: added select post and select term attribute
  • Fix: fixed dynamic loop css backgrounds with containers
  • Fix: fixed mousewheel event in the carousel
  • Fix: fixed some rare php error with filters

version 1.5.39: 2022-11-16

  • Fix: fixed small bug with zip extract
  • Update: updated black friday sale banners

version 1.5.38: 2022-11-10

  • Fix: fixed galleries default sizes with post filters
  • Fix: fixed hidden option in select filter in safari browser
  • Fix: fixed non ssl assets url
  • Feature: added “schema” special attribute
  • Fix: fixed false autoplay in carousel

version 1.5.37: 2022-11-09

  • Fix: fixed 1px glitch bug in the carousel, on 1 item (slide mode)
  • Feature: prepared the filters to work with ajax search

version 1.5.36: 2022-11-6

  • Feature: added function that outputs items schema
  • Feature: improved include by meta in posts selection, added option for multiple values
  • Feature: added option to get current user with meta in twig
  • Addition: validate number of post list attributes, allow only one when creating widget
  • Fix: fixed count posts in post query summary
  • Fix: fixed entrance animation blur type
  • Fix: fixed avoid duplicates with random order while posts load more
  • Fix: the timeout now reset after slide change in owl carousel
  • Fix: fixed terms selection taxonomies with idetical post type title
  • Fix: added protection against inifinite loop in putElementorTemplate twig function
  • Fix: fixed acf field unaccessable in some cases with elementor pro 3.8

version 1.5.35: 2022-10-24

-Fix: fixed include by id’s from dynamic field, and terms from dynamic field in post selection

version 1.5.34: 2022-10-19

  • Feature: added items image size attribute (special type)
  • Fix: fixed show backgrounds in elementor editor

version 1.5.33: 2022-10-15

  • Fix: fixed avoid duplicates with filters
  • Fix: fixed select dropdown filter js
  • Feature: added avoid duplicates option to manual posts selection

version 1.5.32: 2022-10-11

  • Fix: fixed some ajax pagination issues
  • Fix: fixed pagination widget appearance on archive ajax pages with filters
  • Fix: added twig functionality to put product attributes text
  • Fix: fixed export with images not worked in some cases
  • Fix: made some protection with ezcache plugin integration and filtering
  • Fix: fixed some small php bug with this month post selection
  • Fix: fixed some visible and hidden filters collision
  • Fix: fixed terms select in terms filter on history back click in filters
  • Fix: set child filter always first unselected
  • Fix: set option for the tabs filter to be unselected
  • Fix: fixed the pagination numbers if exclude offset chosen

  • Feature: added multiple taxonomy terms in term selection

  • Feature: added query id in terms selection
  • Feature: added functionality for next / prev post

version 1.5.31: 2022-09-20

  • Fix: fixed thumbs gallery

version 1.5.30: 2022-09-18

  • Fix: fixed multiple post filters and grid connection
  • Fix: fixed various small php errors
  • Fix: fixed wordpress popular posts integration small bug
  • Feature: added terms from dynamic post selection option
  • Feature: added option for limiting terms show in post list
  • Change: updated once more unitegallery graphics, changed assets to svg
  • Fix: fixed thumbnail gallery arrows

version 1.5.29: 2022-09-08

  • Fix: fixed a small issue with search page and load more
  • Fix: fix vimeo videos stoppped playing bug

version 1.5.28: 2022-09-06

  • Feature: added support for the select filter
  • Fix: fixed some small js bug with filters
  • Fix: fixed some post filters related popup error
  • Change: changed the way that galleries srolls by mouseover

version 1.5.27: 2022-09-02

  • Fix: fixed popular posts plugin integration
  • Fix: removed some console logs in filter.js file
  • Fix: fixed ajax pagination jump
  • Fix: fixed unitegallery strict standards bugs
  • Change: renamed field – “use dynamic fields” to “use current post data” in widget editor
  • Change: updated freemius sdk to: 2.4.5

version 1.5.26: 2022-08-17

  • Feature: added debug to remote elements
  • Fix: made some protection against wrong animation names in carousel
  • Fix: added some small fixes to carousel and remote sync js libraries
  • Fix: done a better find closest section in remote
  • Fix: fixed not showing values in elementor editor post selectors

version 1.5.25: 2022-08-11

  • Feature: added option to set title field in items
  • Fix: fixed some more lazy load related protections in galleries
  • Fix: Fixed some Elementor 3.7 deprecation issues

version 1.5.24: 2022-08-09

  • Fix: fixed some Elementor 3.7 related js bug in editor

version 1.5.23: 2022-08-05

  • Feature: added date format to date meta field post selection
  • Feature: added more units to padding and margin attribute
  • Feature: added option to set selected tab number in tabs filter widget
  • Fix: fixed some unitegallery strict related scripts
  • Fix: fixed sequance entrance animation attribute
  • Fix: fixed some text with pagination edit mode in elementor editor
  • Fix: fixed ajax pagination didn’t get back to first page
  • Fix: fixed tabs filter and taxonomy terms in one page
  • Change: prepare the right way dates should work in post list

version 1.5.22: 2022-07-24:

  • Feature: added option to connect to another parent in remote arrows
  • Feature: added change url and back button in ajax filers behaviour
  • Fix: fixed doubly plugin integration import bg widgets
  • Fix: fixed remote next/prev directions in carousels
  • Fix: added some more protection against infinite loops from post content processing

version 1.5.21 2022-07-17:

  • Feature: added docstart and docend template in widget js
  • Change: end of birthday sale message update
  • Change: added warning message in case of twig collision with other plugins

version 1.5.20 2022-07-13:

  • Feature: added more widget debug type – current post fields
  • Feature: updated admin title on edit widget view
  • Feature: added option to carousel: scroll to head
  • Feature: added query data attributes into filtering grid
  • Fix: fixed ajax pagination in some cases
  • Fix: fixed small php bug with hover animations control
  • Fix: fixed lity lightbox with vimeo autoplay
  • Fix: fixed item index after shuffle
  • Fix: fixed some seleted tab filters related issues
  • Fix: fixed load more filter doubly ajax request in some cases
  • Fix: fixed woo scedualed sale price output
  • Fix: in filters replace url with pagination as well
  • Fix: changed gallery arrows to svg

version 1.5.19 2022-06-27:

  • Feature: added max posts to current query
  • Fix: fixed controls conditions for elementor template control
  • Feature: added more fields to dynamic grid loop (was only title)
  • Change: added birthday sale banner and text

version 1.5.17 2022-06-21:

  • Change: updated fancybox version
  • Fix: Fixed bug with ajax load more and ajax pagination

version 1.5.17 2022-06-09:

  • Feature: fixed entrance animation attribute
  • Fix: fixed uc_inside_editor variable inside background widget
  • Fix: fixed empty default value of radio boolean control
  • Fix: fixed double filtering issues in archive pages

version 1.5.16: 2022-05-31

  • Fix: fixed double plugin versions in pro version
  • Fix: fixed 1 size gap in one item owl carousel
  • Fix: fixed the dissapearing options bug in mobile

version 1.5.15: 2022-05-30

  • Change: set cache folder inside wp-uploads
  • Feature: added option to get terms last level only – for post list / grid
  • Feature: added twig function – get_current_user
  • Feature: disabled right click on html5 galleries (unite gallery)
  • Fix: the image and video repeater was missing default items
  • Fix: fixed load more and filters on a search page
  • Fix: fixed carousel stage padding issues
  • Fix: fixed carousel 1 item one pixel issues
  • Fix: fixed default values in responsive selectors

version 1.5.14: 2022-05-24

  • Fix: fixed responsive default values with selectors in number and dropdown and slider controls
  • Fix: fixed a bug in run_code_once functionality

version 1.5.13: 2022-05-23

  • Feature: added integration with “sticky posts switch” plugin
  • Feature: added special attribute type – entrance animation

  • Fix: fixed sync bug between two similar elements

  • Fix: fixed filters loading with wp-rocket lazy load scripts
  • Fix: fixed put_hide_ids_css function small bug
  • Fix: fixed fetch 2 and more widgets within one section for filtering
  • Fix: fixed slider control js empty output bug
  • Fix: fixed gallery title as number js bug
  • Fix: fixed gallery images from meta fields source as array

version 1.5.12: 2022-05-08

  • Feature: added integration for wpml media change
  • Feature: bug fix: fixed hover animations setting don’t work on front in some cases
  • Feature: in post selection by date added options for “future from today”, and “future from tomorrow”.
  • Feature: added new function: “put_hide_ids_css” to hide some css comma saparated id’s from css tab.
  • Feature: added support for ajax refresh for multiple synced grids together
  • Feature: added option to test instagram data
  • Feature: added phpinfo view in settings – troubleshooting

  • Fix: fixed blank window opened by a link

  • Fix: fixed acf boolean value present
  • Fix: fixed another gallery related lazy load issues

version 1.5.11: 2022-04-13

  • Feature: made option to put elementor post_content inside post widget if the post made by elementor
  • Feature: added additional fields to getPostAuthor function like avatar url and author meta
  • Feature: show the “no posts” message with filters in post list / grid
  • Feature: add background location (back/front) to background widgets
  • Feature: done option to get post parent with the posts in posts selection
  • Fix: set prices display in woocommerce widgets including tax
  • Fix: fixed editor js files didn’t loaded bug
  • Fix: fixed css output with dynamic template and inline css mode
  • Fix: fixed the ajax pagination that now works with post based gallery widget
  • Fix: fixed filters scripts loading before jquery in js
  • Fix: allow to select empty terms in term selection control
  • Change: set default values of responsive number / slider / dropdown controls to desktop default values

version 1.5.10: 2022-04-04

  • Fix: fixed title and description source in gallery source selection
  • Fix: fixed the dropdown attribute php filter for elementor
  • Feature: added “menu_id” for various uses as menu attribute output
  • Feature: added option for side offset in owl carousel
  • Feature: added option for second items html refresh in ajax filters

version 1.5.9: 2022-03-27

  • Fix: fixed simple meta output for post list
  • Feature: made dynamic grid work with filters
  • Feature: the background widgets works for the new container objects as well
  • Feature: added include by another meta field in post query

version 1.5.8: 2022-03-23

  • Feature: set special behaviour for more then one filters on the page
  • Feature: added option to load video item from posts in a gallery
  • Change: set up galleries common default items
  • Fix: fixed unclosable gallery lightbox with youtube videos
  • Fix: fixed elementor 3.6.0 compatability

version 1.5.7: 2022-03-17

  • Feature: added option to modify dropdown items in phpFix: fixed gallery default items preview and initFix: fixed remote counter js error

version 1.5.6 = 2022-03-15:

Fix: fixed dissapearing items in remote related widgets

version 1.5.5 = 2022-03-15:

  • Feature: added woocommerce sorting options in posts selection by number of sales and rating
  • Feature: added option to get related products on checkout page
  • Feature: done manual posts and terms selections sort by drag and drop
  • Feature: done option to custom refresh filters html (for carousels, galleries etc)
  • Feature: made the attributes dialog support multi controls
  • Feature: prepared the galleries and dynamic loops to use filters and load moreFix: fixed query debug in manual posts selectionFix: fix: fixed posts_per_page in manual posts selectionFix: fix: fixed jquery include for remote widgets

version 1.5.4 = 2022-03-06:

  • Feature: added roles to post filter: single, main and child
  • Feature: added option “placeholder” and “disable dynamic” for text field control
  • Feature: added option for debug meta fields in post list, post grid
  • Fix: fixed some pagination widget buttons related issues
  • Fix: fixed non clickable items in some widgets
  • Fix: fixed put_items(0) – first item output in twig

version 1.5.3 = 2022-02-23:

  • Feature: added functionality to put image inside taxonomy terms widget
  • Fix: fixed load more on archive page with orderby=xxx filter in url
  • Fix: made support for woocommerce special order by in load more
  • Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.4.3 version (Security fix)

version 1.5.2 = 2022-02-23:

  • Feature: set up remote and sync functionality for the galleries
  • Fix: fixed load more for current query posts
  • Fix: fixed background js based widgets with elementor popups
  • Fix: fixed unitegallery unclosed tag issue
  • Fix: fixed replace mode in tabs filters

version 1.5.1 = 2022-02-21:

  • Feature: improved post pagination debug and added force options
  • Feature: added code for the button filters
  • Feature: added option to shuffle owl carousel
  • Feature: added option for general “shuffle” in items
  • Feature: made option for text modify, and get the current page url and current page title
  • Feature: get feature image of a product from a first gallery image if featured image not exists
  • Feature: added function “one_random” and “first” to get_items twig function
  • Feature: added support for jet listing item
  • Change: changed the “choose template” setting text to attirbute title
  • Fix: fixed load more if offset turned on in the grid
  • Fix: fixed link control attributes parsing
  • Fix: fixed sync general api related bugs in elementor editor

version 1.5.0 = 2022-02-02:

  • Feature: added tabs in items controls
  • Feature: added functionality for ajax taxonomies terms filter
  • Feature: added some accessability to owl carousel buttons

version 1.4.99: 2022-01-27:

  • Feature: added option for disable content filtering in general settings->troubleshooting
  • Feature: added taxonomies in widget debug output
  • Fix: fixed some gallery lazy load related js bugs

version 1.4.98: 2022-01-14:

  • Feature: modified remote general js api to fit more types of widgets
  • Feature: added support for put meta field in post list
  • Fix: fixed some small php notices output in post query

version 1.4.97 = 2022-01-06:

  • Feature: add code base for the taxonomy filter
  • Feature: added option to highlight all carousel items
  • Feature: added active class to new owl carousel
  • Feature: added scroll on click functionality to new owl carousel
  • Fix: added support for acf fields styles in dynamic grid
  • Fix: fixed some wp-rocket and filters related bug

version 1.4.96 = 2021-12-29:

  • Feature: use yoast main category feature to determine post main category
  • Feature: added get woocommerce product gallery functionality to twig
  • Feature: added support for multiple attribute conditoins values
  • Feature: added menu order in advanced widget debug type
  • Feature: added WooCommerce endpoints links code to twig
  • Feature: added option to disable font awesome in general settings
  • Fix: fixed some filters related issue
  • Fix: added custom attributes to link attributes output

version 1.4.95 = 2021-12-16:

*Fix: fixed db table not found php bug in some cases

version 1.4.94 = 2021-12-14:

  • Feature: made posible multiple includes condition values per assets
  • Feature: added meta value2 and meta value3 in include by meta value post selection
  • Feature: added error notice if no api connectivity
  • Feature: added attributes section conditions
  • Feature: prepared code base for the new galleries
  • Fix: fixed some small pagination related bug
  • Fix: fixed remote connection parent detection in some cases
  • Fix: added content filtering by filter widget_text_content for all the embed and other content modifications
  • Fix: fixed edit defaulsin widget settings
  • Fix: fixed some polylang issues with the template in dynamic template widgets
  • Fix: [security] remove the “duplicate layout” functionality (not used in the plugin) that had some security issues

version 1.4.93 = 2021-12-03:

  • Fix: fixed some connected widgets bugs when there is many of them in the page
  • Change: removed the black friday sale banner
  • Feature: added general remote API for various widgets connections
  • Feature: add some code base for the new gallery output

version 1.4.92 = 2021-11-24:

  • Fix: fixed similar post content in post list
  • Change: saparated remote and sync options in connected widgets settings

version 1.4.91 = 2021-11-23:

  • Fix: fixed the wrong post intro in editor mode

version 1.4.90 = 2021-11-22:

  • Addition: added black friday banner discount banner and link
  • Change: improved “sync widgets” editor experience
  • Fix: fixed depricated “post” attribute bug
  • Fix: modified zip extracting error messages

version 1.4.89 = 2021-11-17:

  • Feature: done the functionality for sync widgets
  • Feature: done the functionality remote widgets
  • Fix: fixed error message on remote widgets
  • Fix: fixed css in post content in editor
  • Fix: use better strip tags for post intro

version 1.4.88 = 2021-11-08:

  • Fix: fixed gutenberg support in widgets
  • Fix: fixed all the pagination issues in archive page

version 1.4.86 = 2021-11-01:

  • Fix: fixed some load more last issues
  • Feature: added code for taxonomy terms filter
  • Feature: added code for checkbox filter

version 1.4.86 = 2021-10-29:

  • Feature: improved current query debug – full type
  • Feature: added dropdown responsive placeholders
  • Feature: added radio boolean attribute responsive controls

  • Fix: fixed controls tabs functionality

  • Fix: fixed load more custom image bug
  • Fix: fixed double load more in a page mishmash bug
  • Fix: fixed all load more issues

version 1.4.85 = 2021-10-13:

-bug fix: small bug fix – headers sent bug

version 1.4.84 = 2021-10-13:

  • Feature: added taxonomy terms full query debug option
  • Feature: improved full debug type in posts query
  • Feature: added items support in editor->background switcher
  • Feature: added support for remote controls
  • Feature: functionality to posts load more
  • Feature: added second condition
  • Feature: added tabs functionality to attributes
  • Addition: added %,px to slider units
  • Fix: fixed avoid duplicates related bug
  • Fix: fixed conflicting wordpress codemirror script
  • Fix: fixed post selection values init from editor
  • Fix: fixed pagination on front page
  • Fix: fixed some polylang related bugs

version 1.4.83 = 2021-09-22:

  • Fix: fixed styles mishmash inside elementor editor navigator
  • Fix: fixed dissapearing carousels after refresh bug
  • Fix: fixed dynamic grid pagination not changed

version 1.4.82 = 2021-09-20:

  • Feature: added troubleshooting setting – show php error message
  • Feature: added px, vh, % options for slider attribute
  • Feature: added dynamic group attributes for galleries, including image and video
  • Feature: added option to convert one date string to another with ucdate filter
  • Feature: added option to use items in background widgets
  • Feature: added ucfunc(“set”) and ucfunc(“get”) functions in twig for remember and retrieve variables
  • Feature: added include by option: “children of current term” to category selection options
  • Feature: added option to pull woo product variations in twig
  • Feature: added placeholder: link_withprefix, link_noprefix for link attribute
  • Fix: fixed error when exists dynamic link in dynamic loop widgets
  • Fix: enabled pagination in a single type in dynamic template grid
  • Fix: the “not equal” attributes condition now works
  • Fix: fixed not editable empty dropdown attribute in widget editor
  • Fix: fixed mb_string absence php bug
  • Fix: fixed heading attribute label
  • Fix: fixed responsive elementor controls in widget items

version 1.4.81 = 2021-08-17:

  • Feature: added json select (lottie) for image attribute type
  • Feature: made option for ajax in widgets with post list attribute
  • Feature: made the ajax pagination work with pagination widget
  • Feature: added dynamic options for number and slider attribute types
  • Feature: added new owl carousel sources in assets chooser
  • Feature: added heading attribute
  • Change: added more types of debug for pagination widget
  • Change: changed widget icons chooser for elementor icon instead of font awesome icon
  • Fix: fixed import with template button dissapear in the new bar
  • Fix: fixed widgets icons

version 1.4.80 = 2021-08-09:

  • Feature: added option to change items section label
  • Feature: added js snippet with code that works in elementor popup
  • Feature: added option to add {current_user_id} keyword in post meta query
  • Feature: added option for block label inside each attribute
  • Feature: added heading text option for items section
  • Feature: added extra fields to image base gallery options
  • Feature: added php filter option for variable
  • Feature: added twig functions “get_post_term” and “is_post_has_term”. The examples visible when you click on item.posts.putPostTerm placeholder
  • Fix: fixed some test widgets output relate bugs
  • Fix: conditions settings was not affected typography controls
  • Fix: fixed template dynamic background image didn’t displayed bug in dynamic loops
  • Change: added some instructions for api connectivity test in general settings – troubleshooting

version 1.4.79 = 2021-07-13

  • Fix: fixed scripts output in preview widget page

version 1.4.78 = 2021-07-12

  • Change: added birthday sale promotions
  • Feature: added woo commerce products to dynamic loop items source

version 1.4.77 = 2021-07-07

  • Fix: fixd the is_ajax() error function from the admin area

version 1.4.76 = 2021-07-07

  • Feature: added option to show post last modified date
  • Feature: added function: get_from_sql in widget editor that allow to pull any custom records from DB
  • Feature: added function: run_code_once in widget editor, that allow to run the code only once. Good for many similar widgets on the same page
  • Feature: added option for load widget js as module
  • Fix: fixed no key_thumb field in images inside widget
  • Fix: fixed no condition in image sizes widget setting
  • Fix: fixed javascript based backgrounds
  • Fix: fixed brocken svg icon on catalog widget box in some of the cases
  • Fix: fixed collision with rankmath in ajax actions
  • Change: added some max length for a widget category, now it’s 60

version 1.4.75 = 2021-06-21

  • Feature: added category image to products list
  • Feature: added option to include as module widget js include
  • Feature: added option to write custom handle to widget js and css include
  • Feature: added options – avoid duplicate posts to post query exclude
  • Feature: added option to include or exclude posts by dynamic field to posts selection
  • Feature: added option to include or exclude posts by logged in user, in posts selection
  • Fix: fixed background widget condition functionality
  • Fix: changed template picker to simple select2 list

version 1.4.74 = 2021-06-02

  • Feature: added function put_date_range to twig functions. good for events widgets
  • Feature: added integration with google map
  • Feature: added function: “run_code_once” for twig
  • Feature: added grouped options for the gallery
  • Feature: added option to get posts by date from custom ACF field
  • Feature: added gallery settings options for dynamic settings attribute
  • Feature: added pagination to dynamic loop
  • Change: improved dynamic settings attribute

version 1.4.73 = 2021-05-20

  • Feature: added twig function: “put_attributes_json” that available in js tab in widget editor
  • Feature: added constant – uc_inside_editor – for distinquish between editor and site front
  • Feature: added multiple select attribute
  • Feature: added listing attribute support
  • Fix: fixed “request too long” message on a widget preview – shortened preview url
  • Fix: fixed several bugs with condition field in widgets editor
  • Fix: fixed hidden image size select on item attributes
  • Fix: fixed acf group field output
  • Fix: fixed elementor template in items, changed to specific function

version 1.4.72 = 2021-05-02

  • Feature: added rating stars helper placeholder for woocommerce
  • Feature: added option to include js file after elementor-frontend
  • Fix: fixed new typography deprecation message

version 1.4.71 = 2021-04-22

  • Feature: added option to take post id’s from php function in post selection
  • Feature: added option for get posts by meta field that located in current or different post
  • Feature: added twig filter: wc_price for native price filtering
  • Feature: added post terms titles to post data debug
  • Change: added option for woocommerce categories in terms selection
  • Fix: fixed price issues in woocommerce related grids
  • Fix: fixed include and exclude terms mismatch with nested tax query
  • Fix: fixed pagination on search pages

version 1.4.70 = 2021-04-14

  • Feature: added show widget data debug options
  • Feature: added option for filter post by post meta
  • Feature: added option for simple condition for attributes
  • Feature: added integration with wordpress popular post plugin for most viewed posts selection
  • Feature: added post list variables for data debug
  • Feature: added image sizes selector for post list
  • Feature: get thumbnailID from content in case that it’s missing in post
  • Fix: when bulk moving attribute it now always goes to general category
  • Fix: fixed filter posts by status
  • Fix: fixed instagram media albom

version 1.4.69 = 2021-04-04

  • Feature: added extra query debug options for custom post types selector
  • Feature: added choose image size select option to image attribute
  • Feature: added “image_attributes” placeholder for image output in widget editor
  • Change: added default values select to hover animations attribute
  • Change: changed button “add to cart” to “select options” for variable products in woocommerce list widgets
  • Fix: fixed border radius attribute from width to radius
  • Fix: added missing thumb sizes for image select

version 1.4.68 = 2021-03-22

  • Feature: added include recently viewed products in woocommerce
  • Feature: added option for default max posts in post selector
  • Feature: added attribute type: Border Dimensions
  • Feature: added attribute type: CSS Filters
  • Feature: added attribute type: Hover Animations
  • Fix: removed max posts from archive type post query selection, because has no control over pagination.
  • Fix: fixed bug when instagram video images didn’t show up

version 1.4.67 = 2021-03-12

  • Feature: added api connectivity to troubleshooting section
  • Feature: added options in terms selection fields
  • Feature: added order by meta key for woo categories select

  • Fix: fixed woo product price format for decimal prices

  • Fix: fixed context menu cut from bottom inside the widgets manager
  • Fix: fixed show item data in widgets items repeater
  • Fix: fixed float to round in woocommerce discount percents

version 1.4.66 = 2021-02-18

  • Feature: added “box shadow” attribute type
  • Feature: added url_posts and num_posts to users output
  • Feature: added option for selector 2 and selector 3 in several attributes
  • Feature: added copy / paste attributes sections in widget editor
  • Feature: added option for get default object to getListingItemData function
  • Feature: added support for wpml site language inside a widget
  • Feature: added acf image and thumbnails widths and heights to placeholders list
  • Fix: load js include file in editor even if no js code
  • Fix: fixed some php notice with exclude terms posts selection
  • Fix: fixed small bug in getListingItemData function with no object returned
  • Fix: fixed post selection manual select no posts shown at init
  • Fix: fixed bug when private posts not fetched on manual posts selection
  • Change: updated codemirror to latest version, added code search feature
  • Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.4.2

version 1.4.65 = 2021-02-03

  • Feature: added option to fetch custom meta fields in users list
  • Feature: added function to twig: getByPHPFunction()
  • Feature: added function to twig: getUserMeta()
  • Feature: added function to twig: getListingItemData() – working inside any plugin listing
  • Fix: fixed php sanitize array bug
  • Fix: fixed post type in related posts post selection

version 1.4.64 = 2021-02-02

  • Change: moved “edit widget html” button to advanced section in general tab
  • Feature: added option to exclude products on sale in products query section in widget settings
  • Feature: added option to exclude specific posts in post selection widget settings
  • Feature: added woocommerce related products select in post selection
  • Feature: added include/exclude posts by author in widget posts selection
  • Feature: added include/exclude posts by date in widget posts selection
  • Feature: added date/time picker to widget attributes types
  • Feature: added post status to widget posts selection
  • Feature: added offset setting to widget posts selection
  • Feature: added author url and author post count to users fields
  • Feature: added max number of users to user selection attribute
  • Feature: added “elementor template” attribute
  • Fix: fixed small php bug in post selection control
  • Fix: fixed js bug in items repeater
  • Fix: fixed exclude role not worked in user selection attribute
  • Fix: fixed get products on sale selection with variations

version 1.4.63 = 2021-01-26

  • Feature: added acf link array and attributes
  • Feature: added ordering features to post selection related and manual
  • Feature: added option for showing only sticky posts
  • Feature: added exclude by term setting in widget post selection
  • Change: moved debug data from advaned to general folder in elementor widget settings
  • Fix: fixed woo commerce prices number format
  • Fix: fixed refresh posts on “post query” section open in widget post settings
  • Fix: fixed manual posts selection default order

version 1.4.62 = 2021-01-21

  • Feature: added text shadow field
  • Feature: added “manual selection” in posts query
  • Feature: added compatability tag
  • Fix: fixed image size thumb name with “-” sign inside
  • Fix: fixed some php warning related to array to string conversion, happening in php 8
  • Change: show woo commerce placeholders if selected “for woocommerce products” checkbox in post list attribute
  • Change: improved woo category output placeholder help, added getTermCustomFields function

version 1.4.61 = 2021-01-14

  • Feature: added max posts and order by options to current query posts selection
  • Feature: added manual selection for woocommerce categories select
  • Feature: added selector and responsive to drop down attribute in widget builder
  • Change: changed buy pro version link from the catalog widgets to inside of the plugin
  • Fix: fixed adding widgets to a db table that is not auto incriment
  • Fix: fixed svg preview from widget builder interface
  • Fix: fixed manual memory check when registering widgets

version 1.4.60 = 2020-12-30

  • Feature: added option for third party integration for woocommerce grid
  • Feature: added integration for “advanced labels for woocommerce” plugin
  • Feature: added view file button in assets manager
  • Feature: added svg icon option together with font icon for elementor panel widget box
  • Feature: added preview image on mouseover inside elementor panel widget box
  • Feature: added option for disabling “edit widget html” from widget settings

  • Fix: fixed empty settings when there are gallery item setting only

  • Fix: added “no settings” heading in case that no attributes in the widget
  • Fix: fixed some php warnings for php 8.0

version 1.4.59 = 2020-12-17

  • Fix: fixed import template redirect
  • Feature: added option to include sticky posts for post query
  • Feature: added post pagination for single page
  • Feature: added number of items for instagram widget
  • Feature: added background image to background attribute

version 1.4.58 – 2020-12-07

  • Feature: make the plugin translatable for

version 1.4.57 – 2020-12-07

  • Feature: done post pagination widget for archive posts
  • Feature: added option to truncate the post list
  • Fix: fixed show debug query on current post query

version 1.4.56 – 2020-11-30

  • Update: relesed cyber monday deal admin notice

version 1.4.55 – 2020-11-26

  • Feature: added option to sort by sale price
  • Feature: added option to debug query
  • Feature: added option debug widget data
  • Feature: added option to filter posts with child categories
  • Feature: added option to include only products on sale

  • Fix: fixed no widget shown in some cases

  • Fix: fixed woocommerce prices placeholders prefix

version 1.4.54 – 2020-11-13 =

  • Update: updated freemius sdk to newest version
  • Fix: fixed comma saparated selector

version 1.4.53 – 2020-11-09 =

  • Feature: added background widgets and section backgrounds
  • Change: removed global colors from template export
  • Fix: fixed bug with regular and sale price in woocommerce

version 1.4.52 – 2020-11-06 =

Fix: fixed bug with regular and sale price in woocommerce

version 1.4.51 – 2020-11-04 =

  • Feature: added svg output in icon library attribute
  • Feature: added woocommerce checkbox to post list
  • Feature: added product out of stock filter for product selection
  • Feature: added discount_percent field in post list attribute woocommerce product type
  • Feature: added woocommerce post list order by price option
  • Fix: fixed woocommerce category in post list attribute

version 1.4.50 – 2020-10-21 =

  • Fix: removed display errors setting

version 1.4.49 – 2020-10-12 =

  • Fix: fixed small bug with non existing controls
  • Fix: fixed general settings error when turning off plugin

version 1.4.48 – 2020-10-12 =

*Feature: added border attribute*Fix: page break in some versions of elementor*Fix: fixed bulk move attributes with categories*Fix: fixed default items image field not match

version 1.4.47 – 2020-10-08 =

  • Update: remove russian translation
  • Feature: added function: get_items for twig
  • Fix: fixed switch content and style tab
  • Fix: fixed slider control tablet/mobile default value
  • Fix: fixed non ordered widget categories

version 1.4.46 – 2020-10-04 =

  • Feature: added function put_items_json for js items output
  • Fix: returned widgets from uncategorized category

version 1.4.45 – 2020-10-04 =

  • Fix: fixed template import with custom widgets

version 1.4.44 – 2020-10-03 =

  • Feature: added flexible content type attribute
  • Optimize: reduced the number of db queries, dramatically increased load speed

version 1.4.43 – 2020-09-22 =

  • Feature: added option to group attributes into sections
  • Feature: done instagram access token auto renew
  • Feature: added “selector” to color picker attribute
  • Fix: improved consolidate widgets option protection
  • Fix: fixed select default widget images
  • Fix: fixed default items in gallery item (image base fields)
  • Fix: fixed image display in default item selector
  • Fix: global colors was absent from color selection

version 1.4.42 – 2020-08-06 =

  • Feature: added option to get grouped woocomerce products
  • Feature: added instagram connect to official API
  • Feature: added function: getUserData(), added into “twig code examples” panel
  • Feature: added “printVar” and “showDebug” functions “twig code examples” panel
  • Feature: done “login with instagram” in general settings, and get data from instgram API
  • Fix: sorted “overwrite widgets” issue on import
  • Fix: fixed dropdown attribute when work with html data

version 1.4.41 – 2020-06-18 =

  • Feature: added additional controls to “number” attribute
  • Feature: added “exclude uncategorized category” to woocommerce categories select
  • Feature: added responsive controls to slider attribute
  • Fix: fixed template type variable issues in elementor integration
  • Fix: show pagination only when “current query” is available
  • Fix: fixed select2 field min width in posts query

version 1.4.40 – 2020-06-10 =

  • Change: hided “consolidate widgets” general setting
  • Feature: added “show/hide wrapping html comments” to general settings
  • Fix: fixed export template filename

version 1.4.39 – 2020-06-02 =

  • Fix: fixed save widgets from editor with large config limitation.
  • Fix: fixed export template with page settings bug.
  • Fix: removed extra fields from items editor, leaved only supported fields
  • Change: updated freemius SDK to latest version

version 1.4.36 – 2020-05-21 =

  • Feature: added support for pods panda repeater
  • Fix: done some solution for max_execution_time issues when installing template
  • Fix: fixed rtl on templates dialog popup
  • Fix: corrected the naming near the “number” field
  • Fix: cleared “twig” library from some not needed files.
  • Change: removed “image view” file from framework.

version 1.4.35 – 2020-05-11 =

  • Feature: added term custom fields support
  • Feature: added term meta fields support
  • Change: moved composer vendor folder to plugin root
  • Change: fixed empty templates list bug when “show only installed widget” checkbox checked
  • Fix: sorted out some of the templates import bugs

version 1.4.34 – 2020-05-06 =

  • Fix: removed category ations from templates section
  • Fix: show “putPostMeta” function even if no example post available
  • Fix: fixed finally all the DB not installed issues on elementor and admin pages

version 1.4.33 – 2020-05-03 =

  • Fix: fixed double twig collision by another plugin

version 1.4.32 – 2020-05-02 =

  • Update: updated to newest twig 1.x version
  • Fix: fixed no space between placeholders in php 7.4 bug

version 1.4.31 – 2020-04-26 =

*Fix: fixed dissapearing widget issue

version 1.4.30 – 2020-04-23 =

  • Fix: fixed couple of bugs related to templates

version 1.4.29 – 2020-04-22 =

  • Feature: released the templates catalog

version 1.4.28 – 2020-04-10 =

  • Feature: added woocommerce categories field
  • Fix: fixed export / import with images feature
  • Fug: fixed error message on front on some cases when the db tables not installed yet.

version 1.4.27 – 2020-04-01 =

Fix: fixed widget default icon in managerFeature: added “getPostMeta, putPostMeta, printPostMeta” functionsFeature: added “getPostData” function for acf related posts, that get’s all the data from the related post including custom fields

version 1.4.26 – 2020-03-28 =

  • Change: changed to new api address
  • Fix: fixed links not included bug in theme builder posts
  • Fix: fixed link to buy pro version
  • Fix: fixed free version remain activated bug
  • Fix: simpleXML validation made the site down

version 1.4.25 – 2020-03-09 =

  • Feature: added “responsive controls” to margin and padding setting
  • Feature: made “refresh catalog” button
  • Feature: added “num_items” variable to the widget editor
  • Change: removed the “default fonts” from widget defaults screen
  • Fix: fixed some php bug in “implode” function
  • Fix: fixed posts from sub categories in post list

version 1.4.24 – 2020-02-14 =

  • Feature: made “export with images” option in templates
  • Fix: fixed import category widgets
  • Fix: fixed icon html output placeholder

version 1.4.23 – 2020-02-02 =

  • Feature: improved the slider attribute
  • Feature: added “menu” attribute

version 1.4.22 – 2020-01-28 =

  • Feature: added woo currency symbol
  • Feature: added woo add to cart button
  • Feature: added slider attribute
  • Widget: logo grid
  • Widget: logo carousel
  • Widget: logo marquee
  • Widget: image tooltip
  • Widget: content toggle
  • Widget: circle number
  • Widget: post list

version 1.4.21 – 2020-01-22 =

  • Feature: added users attribute
  • Feature: done multiple post type selector
  • Feature: added background attribute
  • Feature: added icon library html output
  • Feature: added woo commerce support in posts list
  • Bug fix: fixed icons not shown bug in widget settings

version 1.4.20 – 2020-01-15 =

  • Bug fix: fixed font awesome icon output
  • Bug fix: fixed instagram not loading bug
  • Change: updated font awesome css version
  • Change: changed the way that instagram was loaded on the page

version 1.4.19 – 2019-12-31 =

  • Feature: added filter by slug to terms attribute
  • Feature: changed repeater items titles to the ones from “title” field instead of “Item1”, “Item2” etc.
  • Feature: added automated styling for date field, added “ucdate” filter for that.
  • Feature: done functionality for display post author
  • Change: changed the font awesome attribute to fa5
  • Change: added strip html tags from truncate function

version 1.4.18 – 2019-12-31 =

  • Feature: added all image sizes to posts
  • Feature: added “putPostTerms” function to posts
  • Feature: added wpautop filter to twig
  • Feature: added option for custom twig PHP functinoality for PRO version
  • Feature: hide “edit widget html” button for user that don’t have capability to see the plugin
  • Feature: added wpml compatablity
  • Feature: added related posts in posts list
  • Feature: added padding and margin controls (pro)
  • Bug Fix: fixed pagination output

version 1.4.17 – 2019-12-12 =

  • Change: changed to more flexible catalog api

version 1.4.16 – 2019-08-12 =

  • Feature: added post query relation (and, or) chooser
  • Change: update to freemius sdk 2.3.1
  • Feature: added “trancate” filter
  • Fix: fixed editor permissions PHP Error

version 1.4.15 – 2019-19-11 =

  • Change: remove the old deprecated codecanyon activation
  • Fix: fixed bug when both plugins are installed together
  • Fix: fixed empty widget content when put a lot of content in the widget html/js
  • Feature: added option for fonts for post list for intro and content
  • Feature: added custom filter query ID in posts list query (pro)
  • Feature: added labels to typography fields
  • Feature: added description option for elementor controls
  • Feature: added option to add help links to widgets from the widget editor

version 1.4.14 – 2019-24-10 =

  • Fix: fixed js not included bug

version 1.4.13 – 2019-24-10 =

  • Fix: fixed terms attribute selector bugs in elementor
  • Fix: fixed post selection was not showing post types without taxonomies
  • Fix: fixed rtl visibility issues in admin

version 1.4.12 – 2019-15-10 =

  • Feature: added exclude posts by current post
  • Feature: added post category addition custom taxonomy support
  • Fix: fixed some bug in post list selector elementor

version 1.4.11 – 2019-07-10 =

*Feature: added link param html attributes placeholder*Feature: added category link to post list params*Fix: fixed post list category not displayed bug

version 1.4.10 – 2019-28-9 =

-bug fix: added some front end protection against db not installed bug* Feature(pro): added do_action for custom wp actions run* Feature(pro): added apply_filters for custom wp actions run-bug fix: fixed export widget with assets path-change: added instructions to download pro version.

1.4.7 – 2019-18-9

*Fix: fixed post category selection in post list

1.4.6 – 2019-18-9

*Fix: fixed dynamic items in repeater

1.4.6 – 2019-11-9

*Fix: fixed admin body class external*Feature: make support for post categories list*Feature(pro) – made taxonomies list attribute*Fix: fixed current posts fetch in archive type

1.4.5 – 2019-19-8

*Change: improved widgets manager design

1.4.3 – 2019-25-7

*Change: updated the activation link from plugins*Change: small UI improvements

1.4.2 – 2019-24-7

*Feature: add post category to dynamic fields*Feature: added toolset integration

1.4.1 – 2019-8-7

*Feature: added search widget*Feature: the plugin is now fully translatable, added russian translation

1.4 – 2019-8-7

*Change: moved to new payment system (freemius), changed pricing plans

1.3.39 – 2019-2-7

*Feature: add alt tags to image attribute*Feature: add automatic name from title on add attribute*Feature: redesign categories

*Fix: removed autop filter change code from front end*Fix: allow to import widget when stand on category from catalog*Fix: fixed instagram widgets typography bug

1.3.38 – 2019-30-6

*Feature: added code examples / js snippets*Feature: added widget preview

1.3.37 – 2019-23-6

*Feature: add support for archive pages*Feature: added archive pages pagination*Change: changed fonts design controls

1.3.36 – 2019-20-6

*Fix: fixed multiple similar js includes in one page

1.3.35 – 2019-20-6

*Feature: add support for acf gallery field

1.3.34 – 2019-13-6
  • Feature: improved the post list filtering and ordering
1.3.33 – 2019-12-6
  • Feature: added ordering posts by meta value
  • Fix: fixed site crash by db error
1.3.32 – 2019-11-6
  • Fix: fixed pods together with acf fileds
  • Fix: added all categories to post list
1.3.31 – 2019-10-6
  • Feature: added link attribute
1.3.30 – 2019-06-6
  • Feature: made PODS integration
1.3.29 – 2019-06-5
  • Feature: added set widget icon functionality, with presence in catalog
  • Feature: added preview widget button from the catalog
1.3.28 – 2019-06-3
  • Feature: made plugin translatable
1.3.27 – 2019-06-2
  • Fix: fixed font override attribute bug
1.3.26 – 2019-05-30
  • Feature: added typography attribute
1.3.25 – 2019-05-29
  • Tweak: added support for dynamic params in image field
1.3.24 – 2019-05-29
  • Fix: Fix dynamic field
  • Tweak: Added message when adding an empty repeater from custom fields
1.3.23 – 2019-05-01
  • Feature: Added dynamic fields to all text controls
  • Feature: Added “edit html” button to all widgets
  • Fix: Fixed consolidated addons render bugs
1.3.22 – 2019-04-25
  • Feature: Made all acf fields integration including the pro like repeater and clone
1.3.21 – 2019-04-20
  • Fix: Fixed current post bug
1.3.20 – 2019-04-15
  • Fix: Fixed current post bug
1.3.19 – 2019-04-10
  • Feature: Done all acf fields
1.3.18 – 2019-04-05
  • Change: Update post child vars when change post
1.3.17 – 2019-04-01
  • Change: Add dynamic fields to addon editor
1.3.16 – 2019-03-30
  • Fix: Fixed the switchers
  • Fix: Fixed the upload file
  • Fix: Fixed checkbox in assets tab
1.3.15 – 2019-03-25
  • Fix: Fixed visual bugs
  • Fix: Fixed radio boolean attribute (switcher)
1.3.14 – 2019-03-20
  • Fix: Fixed addon assets tab bugs
1.3.13 – 2019-03-15
  • Feature: Done export/import template with addons
1.3.12 – 2019-03-10
  • Feature: Added fedback on deactivate
1.3.11 – 2019-03-05
  • Fix: Fixed export import layout stuff
1.3.10 – 2019-03-01
  • Fix: Fixed assets tab issues
  • Fix: Fixed post to articles category rename on install
1.3.09 – 2019-02-28
  • Fix: Fixed test addon jquery include
  • Change: Added purchase link to license page
1.3.08 – 2019-02-25
  • Fix: Fixed settings text output
1.3.07 – 2019-02-20
  • Fix: Fixed font manager bug
1.3.06 – 2019-02-15
  • Fix: Fixed taxonomy issues
1.3.05 – 2019-02-10
  • Fix: Fixed add addon functionality
1.3.04 – 2019-02-05
  • Improvment: Improved post types category selection
1.3.03 – 2019-02-01
  • Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements
1.3.02 – 2019-01-30
  • Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements
1.3.01 – 2019-01-25
  • Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements
1.2.01 – 2019-01-20
  • Fix: Fixed js in editor when addins widget
1.2.00 – 2019-01-15
  • Feature: Pro version with a catalog
1.0.11 – 2019-01-10
  • Fix: Fixed some wordpress galleries related bug
1.0.10 – 2019-01-05
  • Fix: Fixed export category
1.0.09 – 2019-01-01
  • Change: Made global setting for consolidata addons or not
  • Change: Updated some memory text in general settings
1.0.08 – 2018-12-30
  • Fix: Fixed all notices related bugs
1.0.07 – 2018-12-30
  • Fix: Fixed with default data types
1.0.06 – 2018-12-25
  • Fix: Fixed js includes consolidated
1.0.05 – 2018-12-20
  • Fix: Fixed js includes
1.0.04 – 2018-12-15
  • Fix: Fixed js includes
1.0.03 – 2018-12-10
  • Fix: Fixed empty category issues
1.0.02 – 2018-12-05
  • Fix: Fixed bug with some unit values in render output
1.0.00 – 2018-12-01
  • Release: First plugin release

Ultimate Addons là một extension cao cấp dành cho Elementor, mang lại hơn 25 widgets mới và hoàn toàn tương thích với mọi phiên bản của Elementor (Free, Pro). Extension này mở rộng khả năng tương thích với mọi WordPress theme, giúp bạn tùy chỉnh và sáng tạo trang web một cách linh hoạt và hiệu quả.

Download Elementor Pro For Free
Download Elementor Pro For Free

Powerful Elementor Widgets for Endless Design Possibilities

Get More Leads & Conversions

Form Styler Widgets

Boost Navigation and Usability

Mega Menu Widget

Larger websites with lots of pages and a very diverse set of products or services need a well designed mega menu to improve user engagement and conversions. Ultimate Addons’ navigation menu widget helps you create various clean, clear and easy-to-navigate menu designs.

WooCommerce Styling Options

WooCommerce Widgets

Stuck with WooCommerce’s limited styling options? Enhance your online store design and improve the shopping experience for your website visitors using WooCommerce Widgets. You can display products in a grid or carousel layout, display categories with filters, and an add-to-cart button that lets you add a pre-defined quantity of products into the cart directly.

Create Beautiful Login Pages

Login Form Widget

Attractive Buttons

Marketing Button Widget

Rich Media High-speed Website

Fast Video and Video Gallery Widget

Establish Credibility and Trust

Business Reviews Widget

Genuine reviews increase the possibility of people purchasing your products and services. The Business Review widget allows you to import user reviews from Google and Yelp onto your webpage in just a few clicks. You’ll no longer need to collect reviews manually to publish on your website. Simply pull in those from trusted sources.

Design a How-to Page

How-to Schema Widget

Do you write blogs or articles that require step-by-step instructions for your audiences to follow? Then you will love the How-to Schema widget which adds How-To Schema automatically to the page to help skyrocket your SEO.

Eye-catching and Interactive Images

Hotspot Tour Widget

Grab the user’s attention and add new dimensions or meanings to your images. Hotspot Tour Widget lets you add hotspots on an image and also create a virtual tour for users to go through the tooltips. You get full control to place and style the tooltips to take the audience on a virtual tour.

Attractive Tables in No Time

Super Easy Sortable Table Widget

Copy-pasting countless cells in a long table can be frustrating! Ultimate Addons table widget allows you to import a large CSV file and create a table in just minutes. Along with the styling, you can add a sorting option that allows users to sort the entries according to their preferred columns.

High-tech Vibe and Geometric Decor

Interactive Particle Backgrounds

Add engaging and dynamic aesthetic to your website with particle animation and separate your website from the crowd. With the Particle Background feature, you can create animated backgrounds that interact on mouse movements and clicks.

Brand Your Work

White-labeling Feature

Bộ công cụ Ultimate Addons for Elementor hoàn chỉnh cho các khả năng thiết kế mới

Hơn +40 tiện ích và tiện ích mở rộngMột thư viện ngày càng tăng gồm các vật dụng Elementor độc đáo, nâng khả năng thiết kế của bạn lên một tầm cao mới!

Hơn +100 mẫu trang webCác mẫu trang web có thể tùy chỉnh cao và trực quan tuyệt đẹp sẽ tăng tốc quy trình làm việc của bạn.

Hơn +200 Section BlocksCác section block được tạo sẵn chỉ việc kéo, thả và tùy chỉnh, mang lại cho trang của bạn một thiết kế độc đáo trong một vài cú nhấp chuột.


Unlock the boundless possibilities of web design with the Ultimate Addons for Elementor. As the world of website building evolves, it becomes imperative to remain ahead of the curve. Elementor has revolutionized the web creation landscape by providing a powerful and user-friendly page builder. But, what if you can augment this prowess even further? Ultimate Addons for Elementor Nulled offers an astounding array of widgets and features that allow you to fine-tune every aspect of your site. This treasure trove of advanced functionalities ensures that you remain in full creative control.

How to Download Premium Themes for WordPress | Get Premium Theme Free Download | WordPress Tutorial
How to Download Premium Themes for WordPress | Get Premium Theme Free Download | WordPress Tutorial

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Ultimate Addons For Elementor Pro V1.36.5 Nulled - Widget Và Mô-Đun Cho  Elementor
Ultimate Addons For Elementor Pro V1.36.5 Nulled – Widget Và Mô-Đun Cho Elementor
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free - Youtube
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free – Youtube
Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Elementor Addons & Widgets - Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Elementor Addons & Widgets – Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free - Youtube
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free – Youtube
60+ Elementor Addons To Supercharge Your Website Building Experience -  Themexpert
60+ Elementor Addons To Supercharge Your Website Building Experience – Themexpert
Ultimate Addons For Elementor » Themeplanet | The Best Free And Premium  WordPress Themes & Plugins
Ultimate Addons For Elementor » Themeplanet | The Best Free And Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins
Elementor Addons & Widgets - Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Elementor Addons & Widgets – Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Elementskit Plugin Free Download [V3.5.0]
Elementskit Plugin Free Download [V3.5.0]
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free - Youtube
Download Ultimate Addons For Elementor For Free – Youtube
Best Elementor Addons For WordPress [See Who Is The Winner]
Best Elementor Addons For WordPress [See Who Is The Winner]
Ultimate Addons For Elementor Gpl V1.36.29 Latest Version
Ultimate Addons For Elementor Gpl V1.36.29 Latest Version
Ultimate Addons For Elementor 1.36.28 - Biggest Collection Of Gpl Themes |  Plugins | Templates
Ultimate Addons For Elementor 1.36.28 – Biggest Collection Of Gpl Themes | Plugins | Templates
Elementor Addons & Widgets - Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Elementor Addons & Widgets – Ultimate Addons For Elementor
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder V1.35.19 Free Download
Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder V1.35.19 Free Download
Ultimate Addons For Wpbakery Page Builder 3.19.19 Nulled - Weadown
Ultimate Addons For Wpbakery Page Builder 3.19.19 Nulled – Weadown
Ultimate Addons For Elementor By Brainstorm Force - V1.36.29 - Gpl Vault
Ultimate Addons For Elementor By Brainstorm Force – V1.36.29 – Gpl Vault
Combined Attack On Elementor Pro And Ultimate Addons For Elementor Puts 1  Million Sites At Risk
Combined Attack On Elementor Pro And Ultimate Addons For Elementor Puts 1 Million Sites At Risk
Ultimate Addons For Elementor - Có Key Bản Quyền Lifetime
Ultimate Addons For Elementor – Có Key Bản Quyền Lifetime
Ultimate Addons For Elementor: Additional Features For Elementor - Ingenius
Ultimate Addons For Elementor: Additional Features For Elementor – Ingenius
30 Best Free Elementor Addons & Plugins 2023 - Motopress
30 Best Free Elementor Addons & Plugins 2023 – Motopress

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