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Online Get Request Tester | Testing Rest Api Manually

Test your API online using the HTTP Request Tool on

Testing REST API Manually

This web service testing tool allows to test API online, you can make http request online. This tool is ideally used to discover an API by doing some tests. This can be useful for a small test of an API, for example to launch 3 or 4 requests, it does not require installation.

You can launch requests to a public REST API (CORS does not need to be disabled with calls from the server side). You can also test your local API, with requests launched directly in the browser.

It is better to use a more functional heavy client in the case of advanced tests. API testing tools do not replace test automation (for example: UI tests with selenium … ).

User guide

This guide explains how to test JSON API online with this tool:

  • How to call a web service:

    Step 1 – Select the HTTP method

    Step 2 – Fill the URL of web service to test.

    Step 3 – Add a basic authentication or headers if necessary. You can also add a request body if necessary.

    Step 4 – Call your web service

    You can also beautify the web service response if it is XML or JSON data.

  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) :

    Select the place of sending of the request: From browser or from server

    If you want to test a custom REST API which is not public, select from browser. But CORS must be enabled.If you want to test a public REST API which for which CORS is not enabled, select from server.

    see more informations about CORS.

  • Favorite requests:

    You can save your favorite requests so that you will find it during your next visits.

    If you have an account, your favorite requests are backed up in server side.

    Otherwise (You do not have an account), it is a local backup in your browser, it can be deleted at any time!

    Your favorite requests are displayed in “Your favorites requests” box. You can click on the request name to load your favorite request.

    You must click on the “Save” button to add or update current request in favorites.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

When you select “Send REST API Request from your Browser” mode, it creates HTTP requests on the client side, your browser directly launches requests, the calls are cross domain. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a mechanism to let a user agent gain permission to access selected resources from a server on another domain (than

You must allow CORS in your REST API. Example for CORS in php:

If you want to know more about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing:

Test your API online using the HTTP Request Tool on
Test your API online using the HTTP Request Tool on

About REST (Representational state transfer)

REST is a set of architectural principles which is stateless. The server does not keep the client state and vice versa: they can understand each other without seeing previous messages.

It is a alternative to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), which is more heavyweight. REST is more and more used, its use has exceeded SOAP! REST is easier to implement.

There is no standard for the description format of REST services. To describe a REST webservice you can use WADL, Swagger/OpenAPI, RAML and others formats.

REST usually structures data in JSON, but it can also be XML, YAML, or any other format.

One of the benefits of REST is to be based on standard HTTP operations, like GET and DELETE, it avoids ambiguity! When you use GET you know it is to recover something. Same thing for DELETE, you doubt that it is to make a suppression.

A RESTful API Web service uses both HTTP and REST, it includes:

  • A base URI for the API
  • Internet Media Types Used by the REST API (such as JSON or XML)
  • HTTP operations such as GET, PUT, POST, PATCH or DELETE. They describe actions that can be applied to resources.

REST asks developers to use HTTP methods explicitly :

  • GET: To retrieve a resource
  • PUT: To add or update a resource
  • PATCH: To partially update a resource
  • DELETE: To delete a resource
  • POST: Everything else

Facebook, Google, Twitter … provide REST APIs. You can find many useful APIs for developers.

Cách Kiểm thử API (POST,GET,…) Trực Tuyến Nhanh Chóng

Bài đăng này đã không được cập nhật trong 5 năm

API là gì và tại sao phải kiểm thử?

API có thể được hiểu đơn giản là phần mềm trung gian giữa máy khách và máy chủ cho phép chúng trao đổi với nhau. Một số lý do để tiến hành kiểm tra API: 1. Đảm bảo API hoạt động được 2. Đảm bảo API trả về những gì nó phải làm 3. Đảm bảo bảo mật 4. Đảm bảo API của bạn hoạt động trên các thiết bị, trình duyệt và hệ điều hành 5. Tìm tất cả cách thức người dùng có thể gây rối mọi thứ 6. Việc đảm bảo API cung cấp chức năng hoàn chỉnh cho phép dễ dàng mở rộng ứng dụng trong tương lai khi nhu cầu nghiệp vụ mới phát sinh.

Các API Testing Tool

  • Có 3 loại API test-tool phổ biến rộng rãi nhất là : Postman, Curl và SoapUI.
  • Postman là một công cụ mạnh mẽ được sử dụng để kiểm tra các dịch vụ web. Nó được phát triển để gửi các yêu cầu HTTP một cách đơn giản và nhanh chóng.
  • Curl là một công cụ command-line được sử dụng để phân phối các yêu cầu qua giao thức HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, LDAP, DAP, DICT, TELNET, FILE, IMAP, POP3, SMTP và RTSP.
  • SoapUI là một công cụ miễn phí được sử dụng để kiểm tra SOAP và RESTful Web Services.

Nhưng với những công cụ này thì phức tạp, download và cần thời gian để học cách sử dụng. Vì vậy tôi sẽ giới thiệu tới các bạn một công cụ web trực tuyến có thế giúp bạn dễ dàng kiểm thử API một cách nhanh chóng và dễ dàng.

API Test – Công cụ kiểm thử API Trực Tuyến

Ngay bây giờ, tôi sẽ giới thiệu đến bạn một tool online giúp bạn kiểm thử các http request nhanh chóng.
Các bạn truy cập api test để sử dụng tool này nhé.
Để ví dụ cho các bạn sử dụng ( hoặc bạn có thể vào phần trợ giúp của tool để xem hướng dẫn), mình sẽ sử dụng một api đơn giản để kiểm thử nhé. đây là URL api, với phương thức GET khi gửi request tới API này, sẽ trả về một chuỗi JSON chứa các thông tin về địa chỉ IP của bạn.
Kết quả bạn xem trong hình nhé.

Hi vọng bài viết sẽ hữu ích cho các bạn, Cảm ơn!!!

All rights reserved

This URL received over {{ appConfig.MaxRequests }} requests and can’t accept more webhooks.

New requests sent to this URL will return HTTP status code 410 Gone or 429 Too Many Requests and won’t be logged. Also note that it is against our terms of service to use for any kind of load testing or benchmarking. You can unlock unlimited requests by upgrading to Pro. lets you easily inspect, test and run scripts and workflows for any incoming HTTP request or e-mail. What’s a webhook?

These addresses were generated for you just now, and anything you send will be logged here instantly — you don’t even have to refresh!

Your unique URL

{{ getUrl() }}

Open in new tab

Your unique email address

{{ getEmail() }}

Send mail

Forward to localhost New

whcli forward --token={{ token.uuid }} --target=https://localhost

Install whcli

To change the response (status code, body content) of the URL, click Edit above.

With Pro, you get more features like Schedules, that lets you create a periodical cronjob for a given URL, or Custom Actions that lets you extract JSON or Regex values and use them to send push notifications and emails, convert and forward the request to another URL, send data to Google Sheets, Dropbox, databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and write custom scripts using WebhookScript, and more. Read more or Upgrade now.

Request Details
Raw content
{{ currentRequest.method }} {{ currentRequest.url }}
Host {{ currentRequest.ip }} Whois Shodan Netify Censys
Host {{ currentRequest.hostname }} Whois Shodan Netlify Censys
Date {{ localDate(currentRequest.created_at) }} ({{ relativeDate(currentRequest.created_at) }})
Size {{ friendlyBytes(currentRequest.size) }}
Time {{ (currentRequest.time|number:3) }} sec
ID {{ currentRequest.uuid }}
Verification Checks
{{ checkName }} {{ checkValue ? ‘Passed’ : ‘Failed’ }}
{{ headerName }}
Query strings
{{ name }}
Form values
{{ name }}

No content

Text Content

Raw Content

Cannot show content due to size. Download original email.

Output for Deleted Action (#{{ id.substring(0, 5) }}) Output for Action #{{ getAction(id).order }} ({{ getAction(id).name ? getAction(id).name : actionNames[getAction(id).type] }}) Was delayed

{{ formatJsonEnable ? formatContentJson(output) : output }}

HTTP Request #{{ response.uuid.substring(0, 5) }}
{{ response.method }} {{ response.url }}
Sent via Custom Action #{{ getAction(response.action_id).order }} {{ getAction(response.action_id).name ? getAction(response.action_id).name : actionNames[getAction(response.action_id).type] }} Deleted Action (#{{ response.action_id.substring(0, 5) }})
Date {{ localDate(response.created_at) }} ({{ relativeDate(response.created_at) }})
Request Headers
{{ headerName }}

No request content

Response Details
Response status code {{ response.status }}
Time {{ response.request_time|number:3 }} sec
Response Headers
{{ headerName }}

No response content

About ReqBin REST & SOAP Online API Testing Tool

ReqBin is an easy-to-use and user-friendly online API testing tool designed specifically for testing websites, web services, and REST and SOAP APIs. With ReqBin, you can quickly test API endpoints, view and validate server responses, save your requests in the cloud and share them online with colleagues, or add links to them in the documentation.

  • Test APIs, websites and web services online.
  • Post requests directly from your browser without installing any additional software on your computer.
  • Accurate Timing: ReqBin API Tester shows the execution time of API requests to the millisecond, allowing you to identify performance bottlenecks and areas for optimizing your requests by reducing response times and latency.
  • Validate server responses with built-in JSON, XML, HTML, and CSS validators. Verify that the returned data matches the specified format and contains no errors.
  • Share and Collaborate: Share a link to your API requests with colleagues or stakeholders, or place links to them in your documentation. Start discussions about your requests to get feedback and ideas, and collaborate with other developers.
  • Generate PHP, Python, JavaScript/AJAX, Java, C#/.NET, and Curl/Bash code snippets from your requests with just one click and speed up your development process.
  • It’s safe: you don’t need to install browser plugins or software on your computer. Enter your request details and click “Send” to make the request and see the result. All data is transmitted only via secure SSL channels.
  • It’s free: ReqBin Online API Tester is free to use. You can start running requests for free right now, at no additional cost.

ReqBin API test nodes are located in the US and EU, which you can use to compare API performance metrics for users across geographic regions.

What is API?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a computing interface that defines how software components interact with each other. It is a way of programmatically interacting with a separate software component or resource and expose functionality for internal or external use and testing. API defines what requests can be made, how they will be made and hides complexity from developers. API extends systems to partners, organizes code, and makes components reusable.

What is API testing?

API testing is a set of quality assurance actions that include making calls to an API endpoint, getting API responses, and validating API status codes, response times, and data against predefined rules. API testing is usually performed by a software tool or web service and mainly focuses on testing the business logic layer.

Why is API Testing Important?

API testing determines whether the API meets expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. API testing is essential for the entire development, implementation and maintenance of APIs. API testing is necessary to accompany the API to make it functional and ready for its purpose.

How do I Test API Online?

You can test API online by composing and executing various API requests right from your browser. To test API online:1. Enter the URL of the API endpoint and select the appropriate HTTP method.2. In the Content tab, enter the data you want to send to the API endpoint.3. If your API server requires authorization, enter your credentials in the Authorization tab.4. Click Send to submit your API request, check the returned API status code, response time, and content.5. Re-run the API tests by changing the API endpoint URL, HTTP method, and request data.

Test API with Online REST API Client

ReqBin is the most popular Online REST API testing tool. You can quickly and easily test your API by sending API requests to REST API endpoints directly from your browser. ReqBin API Tester provides millisecond accurate timings for API requests and server responses. With the ReqBin load testing tool, you can test the API against hundreds of simulated concurrent users from different geographic regions.The REST API client works right in your browser. No coding. No desktop app. Fully online.

JSON and XML API Tester

Easily inspect returned JSON and XML responses. The built-in JSON and XML formatters automatically format and validate the returned data and highlight any errors in JSON and XML.

REST API Examples

Learn REST API best practices by browsing a collection of real-world REST API examples.

Use this tool to quickly test and validate REST API endpoints of your website with a single click.

Please wait…

Availability Status Pass Failed

Validation Status Pass Failed N/A

DNS Time

Connection Time


SSLHandshake Time

FirstByte Time

LastByte Time

Response Time

Monitor the availability and response time of your REST API endpoints from 120+ locations globally. Also, get insight into the response time of mobile and web applications that use your APIs as a daily driver. Detect downtime and fix critical issues before customers are affected.

Check uptime from 120+ global locations

Monitor SSL certificate validity

Identify DNS resolution issues

Troubleshoot connectivity issues with traceroute and MTR report

Detect domains and IP addresses marked as spam

Intelligent thresholds

Email and SMS notifications

Third-party alert integrations

Custom reports and dashboards

REST API is an API (Application Programming Interface) that follows the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture.

REST is known as REpresentational State Transfer because in a client-server communication model, any API following the REST architecture will create an object for the data requested by the client and also send the values of the object in response to the user, thus sending both the object and state of an object.

REST architecture is often called the “language of the internet” because it helps an application be more responsive as it leverages very little bandwidth and is completely based on resources.

Thanks for your feedback

This tester tool allows you to test rest API online. you can easily test post request directly in your browser. You can test local or public REST API:

  • The requests are launched directly from the browser to test local API (not accessible from the internet). CORS must be enabled.
  • The requests are launched from our server to test public API. CORS do not need to be enabled.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this REST client.

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